December 2017: Features and Maintenance

For our last release of the year, we focused on adding more (and better) experiences into the Profiles area of our Mobile Preview, getting us even closer to having profiles completely built into that space. We've also sprinkled in a few bug fixes to make sure you can end the year on a strong note. These new additions are going live the morning of Thursday, December 14.

Preferred Number

When we took away Contact Number in February, we heard from a lot of you that you still want to know what number people prefer to be contacted on. We listened. With this release, we have added in a Preferred Number option to the desktop and Mobile Preview versions of the software.

Preferred Number Desktop

Preferred Number Mobile

When editing a profile, you will now be able to indicate which number they prefer to be contacted on, either by choosing that radio button in the desktop software, or selecting the star icon by that number in the mobile preview. When you mark a number as preferred, that will be the number that displays prominently on the profile, as well as the process queue profile and all system reports where phone numbers are displayed.

'Notes' Tab

When viewing a profile, the MA and Full Write admins will be able to view and add notes to the profile.  We also introduced the ability to edit notes.  You will only be able to edit notes that you created.  Editing notes will only be available in Mobile Preview. 

Notes Mobile Preview

Not sure who you are making this note available to?  We provide a new count, as well as a detailed list, if you want to know who would be able to see the note you are creating or editing.

'About' Tab


We eliminated the Family tab from the profile and added all it contained into the About tab. Now family information will be right there in the same context with the other profile info, allowing you to easily confirm you are looking at the correct profile and have all the info you need on one tab.


MAs and Full Write admins can now add, edit and delete files attached to a profile in Mobile Preview. When at least 1 file is attached to a profile, a file "tile" will appear that lists each file.

Files Mobile Preview

My Fit

The About tab also gained the profile's My Fit settings. These are organized by expanding/collapsing accordions that will display the user's complete My Fit information.

And many more editable fields

The list continues as custom fields and social network fields can now be edited.  Additionally, we've brought over more name fields, including prefix, suffix, middle name and legal first name.  The family's Check-In message can now be edited via any family members profile.  Finally, an Admin can set a user as an LAU from the Mobile Preview profile.



  • When you return a list of people using the add_individuals_to_group api, we are no longer formatting the phone numbers. This change will enable this endpoint to run much more efficiently and should prevent the timeouts some churches have been experiencing.


  • You can now run Check-In Reports at a station even if your station's setup has label printing turned off. 


  • If you have a very long list of exceptions for a repeating event, those exceptions will now scroll in the event preview, rather than running amock and covering up other important information.


  • If you uploaded a file through the Transaction Import tool, deleted that file, then uploaded the same file again, the transactions were not listed in the correct order. We cleaned this up.
  • The date column in the Merchant Transaction Detail report will once again respect your campus' time zone.


  • When you're filling out a multi-page form, when you go the the next page, we are now starting you at the top of that page, rather than dropping you somewhere in the middle of that next page. Sure, it takes away some of the excitement and mystery, but we think it'll probably make for an overall better form-filling-out experience.
  • If you have a form that accepts discount codes, and you disable that discount code, you weren't then able to further edit that form. That doesn't make any sense, so we fixed that.
  • If a Form Manager or Form Admin is filling out a form on behalf of another person from a logged in state, that person's contact information will now appropriately populate all the profile fields of the form. Before, only the Name and Email Address were populating if the form manager had no other privileges.
  • If you change the name of a COA category, and that COA category is used in a form, the form will now correctly display the new name in all places.
  • If you are logged in and filling out a form to buy multiple tickets to an event, we are now correctly adding you and your correct guest count to the event. Before, your guests weren't being added, which wasn't very hospitable on our part.
  • When a Form Manager with no other privileges is viewing the Forms tab on someone's profile, they will now only see responses for forms they manage, rather than seeing a list of all the forms that person has filled out.
  • If someone is trying to fill out a form that automates to an event that is full, they will now see a helpful "this event is full" message, rather than a misleading "this form is unavailable" message.
  • When a logged in user completes a form that includes mobile carrier, but cancels when making their payment, the mobile carrier will now correctly remain populated in the form response.


  • When inviting someone to a group by search, we were not giving you the opportunity to customize your invitation. You may now proceed creatively asking people to join you.  

Mail Merges

  • When exporting a Mail Merge to CSV, we were adding an extra space in front of the address. We cleaned that up.


  • The text editor for messages, mail merges, welcome message, etc. wasn't scrolling if you were on a Windows machine or Android phone. We are no longer discriminating against non-Apple devices, and the scroll works again.


  • In Metrics, we now differentiate between Did Not Meet events (-), a zero attendance event (0), and an event where attendance was not yet taken (blank).

Mobile Preview

  • When incorrectly entering login credentials, the error message no longer overlaps with the "Keep Me Logged In" checkbox.

Process Queues

  • When you mark someone as "Done" in a process queue, that person will be assigned to you, even if they were previously assigned to someone else or unassigned. Now other queue managers won't get the credit for all your hard work.
  • Mail Merges that are sent out automatically after someone is marked as done now appear to be coming from the queue manager who marked them as done, rather than showing as "no-reply".
  • If multiple people are added to a queue at one time, or other mass actions are performed in a queue that would trigger an email notification, we now send the queue manager a single email listing the names of all the people affected, rather than sending out several emails.
  • On the Process Detail report, if someone has been marked as done, the "Queue Days" column will now list how many days they were in the queue, rather than saying, incorrectly, that they are due in X days.
  • We fixed a rare problem that was preventing forms from automating to some Process Queues.


  • The forms tab on the profile now loads much faster.
  • A basic user can, once again, view the forms they have filled out over the past 3 months.
  • When removing data from profiles using the Mass Change tool, we are now correctly deleting that data, rather than replacing it with the word "Default".

Schedules & Positions

  • If a form automates people into a position, when you visited that position directly, the "apply" button wouldn't work. We've fixed it so the apply button works again.
  • If you add a new service time to your campus settings, your volunteers will automatically be marked as "not available" for that service in their scheduling preferences, until they go in and manually update that preference. Before, when a new service time was added, the volunteers were being set as 'Always Available' for that new service time, but accidentally being set as Unavailable for all other times.
Hot Fixes

Sometimes we become aware of issues in the software that are so important, they can’t wait for the next scheduled software release to be fixed. We call those ‘Hot Fixes’. Here is a list of all of those Hot Fixes that have already been resolved since the last release.


  • (Nov 6) We fixed several problems with the Attention Needed bell not showing the right notifications:
    • The MA was seeing Process Queue notifications for every process in their church. Now, they correctly only see a Process Queue notification for Processes or Queues they manage, when a person is assigned to them or is unassigned.
    • The MA was not seeing the notification for Event Approvals if they weren't in the resource approval group. Now, they once again see all event approval notifications.
    • Financial Admins were seeing the Deposits notification even if there weren't any deposits to process. We fixed this so the bell accurately reflects when there are deposits waiting to be processed.

Campus Settings

  • (Nov 17) When a Financial Admin saved campus settings, the leadership roles were being cleared.  We fixed this so that Leadership Roles are not affected by a Financial Admin's work on campus settings.

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