Bring Schedules Together with Family Serving Calendar

Your volunteers are some of the most faithful and involved individuals at your church. They show up week after week to help set up, welcome people into services, and assist new guests at your Check-In kiosks. But, their service is so much more than that. They are giving their time to serve your church, the people within it, and as a worship to God.  

So, when there’s an opportunity to enhance their experience and create easier ways for your people to serve, it becomes top priority for you and for us. 

Keeping track of schedules can be a daunting task for parents, spouses, and your team schedulers. With a Family Serving Calendar, primary contacts and spouses can coordinate in one place the entire family’s schedule, giving them the ability to control last minute requests and start their weekend morning off right. Rolling out to churches today and available for Advanced and Complete packages. 

Note: This is a rolling release and it could take up to the end of day for your site to receive all of these features

Make Scheduling Easier for Families

While your volunteers always had the power to manage their own schedules, primary contacts and spouses can now manage the schedule for the entire household under the My Serving page.  

Family Serve Mobile

Manage Family Schedule Requests
With a list of upcoming requests, families can see clearly if there are any requests that have been accepted, pending, declined, or checked in the day of the event.  This gives primary contacts and spouses quick access to respond, stay informed, and make necessary adjustments to schedules as needed.
Set Family Availability
Under Preferences, primary contacts and spouses can manage each person’s serving preferences, availability, and block out dates, without having to log into the other person’s account.  This provides families with straightforward coordination and relieves pressure from schedulers to remember every
volunteer’s specific serving preference and availability. 
For the entire family, Primary Contacts and Spouses can now: 
  • Block out vacation days.
  • Set specific services they would prefer to serve.
  • Set custom availability through the week
  • New! Set if they prefer to serve as a family.  
Subscribe to Calendars
Individuals can also subscribe their family member’s serve calendar and view the family schedule on their phone or digital calendar so they can always stay informed of what’s coming.
Desktop Serving  
Edit Family Contact Information

Keeping correct contact information can be a challenge inside of any database. You can’t always keep up with every move or new phone number. Within the Family Serving Calendar, primary contacts and spouses can now update the contact information for the entire family, keeping you up to date with new information on your volunteer families.  

Whether you have reopened your doors or are waiting to reopen, helping families serve together has never been more important.  We’re excited to see how family serving will increase participation and service at your church!

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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on Jul 28, 2020 9:39:03 AM