Software Update Webinar Q1 2020 - Pushpay Merger

On Wednesday, February 19, we hosted our quarterly webinar with presenters Bobbie Jo Berry & Erin Retka, Product Marketing at Church Community Builder. We learned about Public Sign Ups and other updates to Schedules & Plans, changes to Privacy Settings, and our future CCPA / GDPR compliance. Then we had the great honor to welcome Audrey Cheng, VP of Product at Pushpay, to chat with our very own Jeff Otero, head of Design, about the recent Pushpay merger! Check out the recording and FAQs.

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording


We ran out of time during the webinar to answer all of your pressing questions regarding the Pushpay merger, so Bobbie Jo and Jeff recorded a special video to address some of those details. You'll find that video at the beginning of the recording.


  • (2:24) The Future of Connect and Giving
  • (5:50) Timing of Releases
  • (7:48) The Future of Integrations
  • (9:48) Product Future and Support
  • (17:33) Schedules and Plans
  • (34:58) Privacy Settings
  • (46:19) New Check-In
  • (50:05) Privacy Policy
  • (57:05) Pushpay Combination

Key Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answered a number of questions live during the webinar, but hundreds more were submitted through our Webinar Slack Channel. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the webinar:

Pushpay Merger | Schedules & Plans |   Privacy Settings

Pushpay Merger

What is happening to the Connect@Church App?

  • The Connect@Church App project has shifted development direction. We are still committed to providing a congregant app, and in an effort to leverage the technology of both Pushpay and Church Community Builder, the congregant-facing ChMS functionality will be built into a new tailored version of Pushpay’s existing consolidated church app. This app will be included in the Church Community Builder subscription and will provide the key church management features you need to complement your experience.

When is the new congregant app going to be available?

  • Development is already underway with our two teams to build out this app, but it is still too early to be able to discuss timing. We are learning from our mistakes of the past and are going to hold off on communicating any release dates until we know more and feel more confident in those timelines.

Do I have to be a Pushpay customer to use the Congregant app?

  • This app will be made available to all Church Community Builder subscribers, regardless of whether they use Pushpay as their merchant. We are still determining what giving will look like in the app, and at this time we don't know whether Pushpay will be required for that functionality.

What is happening with New Giving?

  • Similar to our shift in direction for the Congregant App, we are collaborating with Pushpay to create a new fully-integrated giving solution in the Church Community Builder software that is powered by Pushpay. This product will still improve upon key processes like giving and reconciliation, and will be offered to Church Community Builder church partners without any additional subscription costs and affordable processing fees.

What will the new processing fees be?

  • We are still working with Pushpay to determine what the exact processing fees will be in this new giving solution.

When is the new giving solution going to be available?

  • Just like with the Congregant app, we are not prepared to communicate any timelines just yet, but we will be sure to announce as soon as we feel confident with a release date.

Will I be forced to use Pushpay as a result of this merger?

  • We are not discontinuing any of our existing integrations with other app or merchant providers. We believe choice is important as you work to create the best technology system for your church.

What changes are coming for people who already use Pushpay or are considering switching?

  • Our teams are working together to find ways to further enhance the two-way integration that exists between Pushpay and Church Community Builder, and more details will become available as we have a firm idea of what that might look like. Additionally, our teams are discussing bundled pricing options for churches interested in using both services, though no final pricing or contract decisions have been reached yet.

I have more questions about the Pushpay Merger.

  • We are committed to providing as much information and transparency as we can during this transition. That being said, there are still some decisions we haven't landed yet as a new combined company and are therefore unable to discuss. If you have additional questions regarding this merger, please submit a support ticket or email us at and we will do our best to provide you with any information we can.

Schedules and Plans

Public Sign Ups for Schedules are great! Do you have plans for public sign ups for [Groups, Events, Needs, etc.]?

  • At this time, Public Sign Ups are only available for Schedules, but this foundational work would allow us to enable this functionality in other features more quickly in the future. We do not have any specific plans for this on our roadmap, but we are taking that request into consideration.

Can I restrict who can sign up for a schedule via Public Sign Ups?

  • There is a unique link per schedule Category for Public Sign Ups. Anyone who receives that link can sign up for any of the positions you've made publicly available. The best way to limit who signs up would be to restrict who you send that link to.

Is there a way trigger a background check for Public Sign Ups?

  • There is not an automated way to trigger a background check for these people, but once they're on the schedule you could manually send them a background check link or form via messaging in schedules.

Who can approve / decline pending profiles?

  • You have to be the Master Administrator or a full write people admin in order to see, approve, or decline pending profiles.

How do we prevent duplicates with pending profiles?

  • When someone with an exact email address match in the system signs up using Public Sign Ups, that action is associated with their profile rather than creating a duplicate pending profile. For all other scenarios, 'Pending Profiles' will be a unique tab on the new People Search page, and you can apply to duplicates filter to see any potential duplicates in that list.

How can I learn more about Public Sign Ups?

  • We are hosting a training webinar on March 11 that will be a deep dive into Public Sign Ups and Pending Profiles. Register here.

Privacy Settings

Are allergies going away? We need them for Check-In!

  • Allergies and other administrative fields that are being removed from Privacy Settings are not going away... that data is still stored on a person's profile, we're just changing its visibility to 'Church Leadership Only'.

Who is 'Church Leadership Only'?

  • Church Leadership is anyone with administrative privileges in your system, or someone who holds a leadership position in a specific area (like a group leader or a process queue manager).

I want my home phone number to be public, but my cell phone number to be private. Can I still do that?

  • Yes. Based on the feedback we received from our beta testers and other church partners, we have decided to keep Mobile Phone, Home Phone, and Work Phone as individual fields on privacy settings and defaults, so each can be set to its own desired privacy level.

What about the fields that are being "merged" (like the address fields)?

  • Those fields aren't going away, they are just going to all share the same privacy setting after the release. In the case where two of those fields have different privacy levels today, after the release, we will default to the more restrictive setting. (E.g., if Mailing Address is set to 'Everyone' but Home Address is set to 'Church Leadership Only', after this release the combined Address field will be set to Church Leadership Only to protect potential sensitive information.)


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