February Release Round-Up

There's a whole lot to love this February! Throughout this month, we're excited to gift you with a number of new features and updates to our browser software and apps, all designed to help make your life easier, your data more manageable, and your tools more accessible. Check out the summary of these updates below, then visit each blog to get a deeper dive on the changes.
Public Sign Ups, Pending Profiles, & More
Public Sign Ups

These changes to schedules and profiles will enhance your workflows and data management.

  • Public Sign Ups: Sign Up for scheduling opportunities without being in the position or having a profile in the system.
  • Pending Profiles: Allowing admins to review and approve newly-created profiles.
  • Privacy Settings: Updates to Privacy Settings and Defaults to simplify and streamline profiles.

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New Check-In Flow
New Check-In

We're improving the workflow when checking families in using New Check-In, based on the feedback we heard from our churches. These changes have created a faster user experience with fewer clicks. We've also improved the performance and processing time of New check-In. All of these changes are currently in Beta Testing. Remember: Old Check-In is retiring on May 5, 2020.

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Service Plans in the Lead App
Plans in Lead App

We're adding Service Plans into the Lead App. This update will allow you to create a new service plan, edit an existing plan, and add a plan to a schedule week (either by creating one from scratch or using a plan template). As an added bonus, we're also including the ability for schedule admins and organizers to add more weeks to their schedule from the app.

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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on Feb 11, 2020 10:35:17 AM