New Integrated Features — Pushpay & Church Community Builder

Making sure your people don’t slip through the cracks has always been at the center of our mission at Church Community Builder. And with more and more interactions happening across digital spaces, it’s more crucial than ever to have a digital strategy in place that nurtures connection and engagement, wherever your people are.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the first of many improvements to deepen our integration with Pushpay, offering you a total church engagement solution.

Note: This is a rolling release and it could take up to two weeks for your site to receive all of these features.

Single Sign-On Lite
Single Sign-On Lite

If you're a current Pushpay user, on April 20 you'll notice a change to your CCB login page. The  Login as Pushpay Admin  button allows you to use your username and password from the Pushpay Admin Portal to log in to your Church Community Builder account. Connecting these two accounts will enable you to take advantage of the powerful integrations we're building between these two platforms.

Deep Linking
Deep Linking

With your newly-connected Church Community Builder and Pushpay accounts, we've created a number of Deep Links, allowing you to quickly and easily hop back and forth between the two platforms to speed up your financial workflows.

These Deep Links will exist between pages such as Transactions, Online Gifts, People / Donor Lists, Profiles, Process Queues, and more...


Donor Development + Process Queues Integration
Donor Dev + Process Queues

One of the most powerful features in the Pushpay Giving platform is teaming up with one of the most powerful features in the Church Community Builder ChMS, to give you a thorough, customized system for donor follow-up and nurturing.

Pushpay's Donor Development tool provides metrics and insights to help church leaders identify giving trends and activity within their congregation, and segments your giving population based on their stage in their giving journey, e.g.; new donors, recurring givers, top donors, at-risk donors, etc. With the new Process Queues Integration, you can now add the list of donors from these stages into a Process Queue in the Church Community Builder Software, helping guide them through critical next steps to keep them engaged and connected to your church. 

But we didn't stop there. We pre-built several Process Queue Templates in your system to give you a starting place for creating a complete Donor Nurturing journey. You can use these templates out of the box, or you can customize them to fit the unique needs and follow-up process of your church. 

We think the combination of these tools will be a game-changer in how you engage and disciple the donors God brings to your church!

Improved Transaction Import

Make duplicate donor profiles a thing of the past! We've made improvements to Pushpay's Transaction Import tool. Now, when you import a list of giving records from your Church Community Builder account into Pushpay, we'll create a better match between profiles in the two systems. The next time your donor gives through Pushpay, that giving record will more reliably be tied to the appropriate Church Community Builder profile. 

This improvement will also allow your historical giving to populate your Pushpay Donor Development dashboard, giving you a more complete picture of your giving insights and trends.

One-Time Future Gift
One-Time Future Giving

With Pushpay, you can now create a one-time gift set for a date in the future. This new giving option has been widely requested by our Catholic church partners, but is also beneficial for people who want to create a pattern of giving but have variable income and are unable to create a recurring gift. This feature is a great way to encourage your congregants to follow through on their pledges by scheduling their first gift and beginning their journey of generosity.

Combined Customer Support

As a part of our companies coming together, we have unified our Customer Success teams as well, making sure church partners can receive world-class support for any of their Giving, App, and Church Management Software needs, no matter who they reach out to! 

What about the congregant app and new giving?

These features are just the beginning of the innovations we'll be able to deliver under the combined umbrella of Pushpay & Church Community Builder. Our combined Product and Engineering teams are still working hard to deliver a congregant app that is included in the cost of the Church Community Builder subscription and a new competitively-priced, fully-integrated giving solution. We know that this functionality is crucially important to you all, and while we still don't have timelines for the release of these features, trust that they are still a high priority and are actively being worked on by our team.

Get started with your Total Church Engagement Solution.

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Posted by Erin Retka on Apr 20, 2020 10:54:43 AM