Introducing the Small Group Leader App!

We’re excited to introduce our new Small Group Leader app! With today’s technology, connecting with people and showing them they’re valued is faster and simpler than ever. This new app is all about putting the power of connection into the hands of every small group leader in your church. If you lead a small group, this one’s for you.

Simply Communicate

Contact your group members with ease.

Call, text, or email anyone in your group! You can access a list of members in any group you lead, and select someone’s name to see their profile. From here, giving them a call or sending them a text or email is as easy as a tap of a button.


Send group messages on the go.

Need to send a message to your group? Don’t worry about hunting down a computer — just select Messages. You can send a new group message without ever leaving the app. Wondering if your co-leader already sent that reminder message you’re composing in your head? Look through your group’s message board right from the app!

Reach out on special days.

As a small group leader, remembering a birthday or anniversary is a great way to make your members feel cared for and connected. With the Special Days feature, you can see all upcoming birthdays and anniversaries in your group so you can plan ahead. Want to call or text to wish them a happy birthday? Just tap on their name and you’ll be taken to their profile, where the Call, Text, and Email buttons are waiting for you.


Manage Your Groups Effectively

Keep contact info up to date.

Chances are good that if someone in your group moves, you’ll be one of the first people they tell. The church’s software may be a little further down the priority list. Help keep your church’s database current by updating your members’ profiles as they change. And if you’re editing a profile picture, you can take a new picture of them from right inside the app!

Never lose track of attendance.

When you tap Attendance, you’ll see the last five weeks’ events. Want to know who came to the last monthly potluck dinner? You can check, take, or even edit attendance for any displayed event. You can tap to check off who showed up, mark if you didn’t meet, include a count of any visitors, and add an event summary.


Connect your phone to your entire database.

Your church management software is only as good as the data inside it. The information you keep as a group leader won’t do much good if it isn't connected to the rest of your church’s database. With the Small Group Leader app, just log in once and every change you make will update the same database your church’s administrators and other leaders are accessing with the main browser software.

Available Now for Church Community Builder Users

The Small Group Leader app will display any Members Interact type group you lead with the ‘Contact Details’ admin setting enabled, so with just a few settings you’re ready to go. To get started the first time you launch the app, all you’ll need is your church’s Church Community Builder site URL and your login, and once your phone is connected, it stays connected — no need to log in again next time. And the best part is ... it’s available now! Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to download today.

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Posted by Updates Team on May 17, 2016 10:30:00 AM