New App: iPad Manned Check-In

You can now run Manned Check-In from the iPad Check-In app. This app offers all the convenience and portability of the previous version of the Check-In App, with the added power of editing families, text message paging, and more!

Head on over to the US iTunes Store or Canadian iTunes Store to download today.


The iPad Check-In App is a Deluxe-Only feature, available to churches in the US or Canada.


Self Check-In is great if you want to set up stations for your seasoned pros to quickly check their kids in, grab their tags, and get them where they need to go. But when someone's check-in experience isn't that straight forward, Manned Check-In stations give your volunteers the tools they need to get people updated and keep them moving.

Edit Families

When new families are checking their kids in for the first time, or you have a family who's changed their contact information, you want to be able to update your system on the fly. The Manned Check-In app gives you the ability to add new families, and edit contact information for existing families. You can also view and edit the Family Message from this screen.

tip.pngTip: Create a great experience for your first-time Check-In families! In your Check-In saved setups, you can designate a unique membership type for all new families that are added through the Check-In system. Then, on Monday morning, you can run a report of all families with that Membership type and start a follow up process to welcome them to your church.

Text Message Paging

The Manned Check-In stations allow you to choose a text message paging recipient — the person who you will text if there's a problem with the kids. You can choose anyone from the family, or you can designate a temporary contact if someone else is the point person that day. Then, if something does go wrong, you can send a text message to those people, right from the app.

Edit Check-In

If you realized you checked someone into the wrong event, or you need to make a change to someone's check-in, you can edit that through the app too!


For added security at the end of the class, the Manned Check-In version allows you to run Check-Out from your iPads as well. Just scan the kid's barcode and indicate who is picking him up. If it isn't a family member, you can enter that person's name and contact number so you have a record of who that was.

tip.pngTip: We want to hear from you!
Leave a comment about how your church uses the iPad Check-In app today, and how you plan to use it with the new Manned Check-In functionality!


This update also includes some improvements to the printer experience when you use the app. These printer updates work whether you're checking in using a Manned station or a Self station.

Zebra printers

We've added Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) capability to our Zebra printers. This allows for a much more reliable printing and pairing experience. But the big win with Bluetooth LE is that it allows you to pair multiple iPads to a single printer.

To set up your printer, it must have a name that starts with one of these strings: XXRAJ, ZQ510, ZD420, Zebra or CheckIn. Then, follow these steps to re-pair your printer with your iPad:

  1. Open the iPad and go into the Bluetooth settings.
  2. "Forget" any Zebra printers, but leave the Bluetooth turned on.
  3. Open the App and select a printer setup.
  4. Once you click 'Start Check-In' on the Setup confirmation page, you will receive a modal similar to the picture below.
  5. Select the Zebra printer listed under 'Bluetooth Low Energy Printers' and print away!

If you run into any problems, check out this help article for more details, or submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to get you unstuck.


Citizen printers

For Citizen printers, we've improved the alignment of labels. With this improvement, we've added the ability for you to calibrate your Citizen printer so you can test the alignment before you start printing. We highly recommend you calibrate your printers when you download the new version of the app. Here's how:

  • To calibrate through the app, click the gear icon and then click 'Calibrate Printer'. This should print and/or feed a label. If you hear beeping as if there is an error, cycle the printer off and on and that should solve it.
  • If that doesn't work, you can calibrate through a desktop computer:
    1. On a Windows PC, navigate to:
    2. Download the Label/BM sensor setting tool
    3. Connect the Citizen printer to the PC via USB
    4. Open the configuration tool and click on the GAP Calibration button
    5. Once complete, disconnect from the PC and begin testing

When you're ready to take your Check-In experience to the next level, head on over to the US iTunes Store or Canadian iTunes Store to download today.

To learn more about how to use the app, check out this Help Desk article.

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