Quarterly Software Webinar Recording

On Wednesday, July 26, we hosted our first ever quarterly webinar with special guest Jeff Otero, leader of our Product Management team, who talked about where the software has been and where it's going. Check out the summary and watch the recording here.

For Current Church Community Builder Users:

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Topics included:

  • (3:15) New development from the last year — Metrics, Scheduling
  • (10:38) Mobile Preview
  • (13:20) Future of Mobile Preview — Form Responses, Profiles, Unified Browser Experience
  • (19:30) Beta Testing & PEP Squad
  • (24:20) Mobile Apps — Small Group Leader, iPad Check-In
  • (30:50) Project M
  • (45:40) Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered a number of questions live during the webinar, but hundreds more were submitted through the Q&A chat area. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the webinar:

How do I sign up to be a beta tester?

If you're interested in Beta Testing with Church Community Builder, your Master Administrator can sign up using this form. If you'd like some more information about Beta Testing before making the commitment, email us at beta@churchcommunitybuilder.com.

How do I sign up to be a part of the PEP Squad?

You can get more information about our PEP Squad and sign up to join on this page.

How do I sign up to try out the new Project M app?

You can get more information and sign up here. Remember, you don't have to be beta testing the rest of our software in order to try out this app.

Who can see what information in Project M?

The Project M app is fully integrated with your Church Community Builder software and respects all privacy settings and admin privileges assigned through the browser software. So, for example, only Full Financial admins will see the Giving dots and only Full Write people admins will be able to leave notes. Any changes or edits you make in Project M will update in your Church Community Builder Software, and vice versa.

I have more questions/comments about the Project M app.

If you are currently testing out Project M for us, we'd love to hear your feedback! On every page of the app, you'll notice a small chat icon. Click on that to report a bug, ask a question, or give us a suggestion. This feedback goes straight to our development team.

When will mobile form responses be released?

Our team is putting the finishing touches on this work and are preparing to send it out to beta in the next couple of weeks. Once it goes to beta, it will live there for several weeks to make sure we got everything right before it is made available to all of our churches. We do not yet have a specific delivery date we can give you.

How do I get into the Mobile Preview?

Today, on the Church Community Builder login screen, there is a link below the login button that says 'Mobile Preview.' This will take you to the Mobile Preview login page, which will then take you to that new environment. With our next software Maintenance release coming next week, all users will see a banner in their software (on the homepage, people pages, and groups pages) that they can click on to be taken over to the Mobile Preview.

When will {insert feature here} be released to the Mobile Preview?

Our primary focus for the next 3-6 months is getting more profile information into the mobile preview, then building out our Unified Browser experience. From there, our team will evaluate the next most important features to migrate over to be mobile-friendly in our new browser environment.

I'd like more information about the iPad Check-In app and hardware requirements.

This help desk article will walk you through the functionality and technical requirements of using the iPad Check-In app.

I'd like more information about how to use the Scheduling feature.

We have a series of help articles and videos to walk you through getting your schedules set up. If you need a quick refresher while you're in the software, click the compass icon at the top of the schedule create page to get a walkthrough.

When will the next Software Update Webinar be?

We are planning on hosting these webinars once a quarter, to give you a glimpse at the roadmap for the next 3 to 6 months. So our next one will probably be around October.

How do I stay in the loop about everything that's changing in the software between now and then?

The best way to stay informed about software changes is to subscribe to our Software News blog. This is the first place we talk about changes to the browser software, mobile apps, and announce other information related to the software, like this webinar.

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