Updates Coming! New Giving, an App, and Worship Planning!

On Wednesday, May 1, we hosted our quarterly webinar with speaker Jeff Otero, leader of Software Design, and Erica Pridey, Customer Success, at Church Community Builder. They talked to us about what's new and coming soon in Check-In, a brand new Congregant App, New Giving Updates, and Worship Planning. Check out the recording below!  We will be posting the FAQs later this week.

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording



  • (3:15) Schedules: Reimagined
  • (12:05) Check-in
  • (22:36) Congregant App
  • (33:30) Giving
  • (45:36) Worship Planning

Key Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming Soon!


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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on May 13, 2019 8:54:06 AM