Mobile Friendly Forms are Here!

Update: We heard you! Some changes coming soon!

Thank you everyone for the prompt and thorough feedback about our new mobile-friendly forms! We heard some things that you really love, and we also heard some clear trends of things we didn't get quite right. I'm gonna brag on our Product team for a second here, because they quickly gathered that feedback and made some decisions for changes we are going to make so these mobile forms are even more delightful. Those changes will come out in the next couple of weeks:

  • (Released Sep 28) We fixed a bug so the font sizes are now larger and darker, which should help readability.
  • (Coming Soon) We will have another fix coming out that addresses other problems with text to make it even more readable.
  • (Released Oct 3) We've heard that the forms feel too small when you are filling them out on a tablet or desktop. We will be releasing a change so they will be bigger and more useable when you are on a larger device or screen.
  • (Released Oct 3) The 'Update my profile with this information' option will again be defaulted to OFF. In the meantime, remember that this field is only visible when you are filling out a form from a logged in state, and in that scenario, the form will be populated with all of your existing profile fields, so you'd have to change one of those fields in order for it to change the information in your profile.
  • (Coming in November) We will add Mobile Carrier as an optional field that you can choose whether or not to include when you are building your form. This change will be a little bit more complicated and we want to test it well, so it will be included as a part of our early November maintenance release.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 26, your forms are getting a lot more mobile. This release makes it easy to fill out a form on whatever device you choose — your computer, your tablet, and yes, even your phone. And we threw in a few other minor Forms improvements to sweeten the deal.

The bulk of this release was focused on making it easy and delightful to fill out a form on any device. We improved the design so pinch and zoom is a thing of the past.


Mobile Carrier Field

We've also added the Mobile Carrier field as an option with your form profile fields. Any time you include the 'Mobile Phone' profile field, the Carrier field will also be included. Carrier will always be optional to fill in, even if the Mobile Phone field is required. And if you choose to update your profile with the form's profile information, your carrier field will be updated too.


tip.png Tip: Having trouble collecting carrier information for text messaging? Use a form to encourage people to fill in their carrier — and update the rest of their contact information too!

Forms in Mobile Preview

There is now a "Forms" tab on a person's profile in the Mobile Preview:

  • Responses: If you have appropriate permissions, you can see a list of all the forms a person has filled out. When you click on one of these forms, you will be able to see how they filled out the form.
  • Managing: If you are a form manager, you will see a list of all the forms you manage. Clicking on any one of those forms will take you to that form's edit page in the desktop software.
  • Fill Out a Form: There is a link to fill out new forms here too! Clicking on this link will allow you to search for any listed form in your site to start filling out.

If you need more information about how to fill out a form, check out this Help Article.

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