Giving on the Go to Beat the Summer Slump

Introducing a new Giving page, making it easier than ever to give a gift right from your phone! With school winding down and vacations starting up, it can be tough to keep people engaged in your church over the summer. And when engagement is down, giving is too. We're here to help you fight that summer slump with this new mobile-friendly way to give a gift — so people can give to your church even if they aren't at your church. And because your givers aren't the only ones on the go this summer, we're also including a few more enhancements to the Mobile Preview and new tools for your group leaders in the Small Group Leader app. All of these phone-friendly tools for the summer are coming your way on Tuesday, May 30.

Give ... from your phone

Our current Logged Out Giving experience has gotten a facelift. This new page is available to everyone from the main login page (not from the Mobile Preview), and is also the page you'll see if you have embedded the Give Online link into your church's website (using the Public Web Tools). When you click Give Online, you'll see the new, simple online giving page. Just enter the amount of your gift, choose the fund to give to, enter your credit card number and some basic contact information, and VOILÀ, you're done! It's that easy.


tip.pngTip: If you're using an iPhone and you've stored your credit card number in Safari on your phone, you can autofill that information into the form to make giving go even faster!

Don't see this Give Online link? You may not have Public Giving set up for your site. Check out this help article to make sure your settings are correct, or submit a support ticket and our team will walk you through it!

Update family info ... from your phone

We are continuing our commitment to make tools that are usable on your phone through the Mobile Preview. In this release we've made some minor improvements that should make a big difference in updating your profiles.

Family Contact Info

When you're editing a person's profile, you will now see a new 'Apply to family' checkbox by a few fields. If you change information in that field, and check this box, all family members' profiles will be updated with this new information.


This checkbox will be available for:

  • Last Name
  • Home Phone Number
  • Home Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Campus

Whether the family has moved or you're just getting all of their info straight, this new checkbox should save you a lot of time.

Bigger and Better Photo Uploads

The Mobile Preview gave you a way to easily upload an individual or family photo to someone's profile. With this release, your photos will upload even faster. Also, we've increased the file size limit to 10 MB.

Learn everything else you can do in this new, mobile-friendly space on this blog post.

Meet the needs of your group... from your phone

We've added Needs to the Small Group Leader app. Your group may not be meeting regularly over the summer, but they can still stay connected in each other's lives with Needs. Plan a barbecue and invite members to sign up to bring food. Help a group member who's moving by signing up to come lift boxes. There are plenty of ways to stay present with your small groups this summer, and Needs can help you get there.


And don't forget about all of the other powerful features the Small Group Leader app has to offer, to keep your people connected and cared for:

  • Record attendance for your gathering with a few quick taps
  • Send a group message or text to keep your members informed
  • Never forget a birthay or anniversary with 'Special Days'
  • Did someone get a new phone? Update Group Members' contact info on the fly
  • Add / Remove members and leaders as your group changes and grows

Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to download today.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on May 24, 2017 11:45:58 AM