A Church App To Connect Beyond Sunday

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As churches are considering how to proceed with in-person gatherings and how to enhance their digital worship experiences, the Church is still concerned with how to deepen community, strengthen connection, and grow disciples.  You need tools that can optimize your ministry efforts and bring people into the heart of your church beyond just the weekend experience.

Powerful digital tools that are easy to use and easy to access no matter where a person is located can help meet your needs as a church today.  A church app that is directly integrated with your church management software can help strengthen relationships in small groups, engage people in group and ministry events, and connect people to the community of your church - right at their fingertips and all in one place. 

We think churches should expect more of their digital tools to help them know, grow, and keep their people.  So, let us introduce you to our newest features that help you do just that — the My Church by Pushpay App with Connection Features, available exclusively to Church Community Builder subscribers.

Note: The My Church App with Connection Features will be a phased release. When this feature is available for your church, your Master Administrator will see a notification to start the process within your church’s site or within the Mobile App Studio.

Finally.  A Congregant App.

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Every Church Community Builder subscriber now has access to app connection features that are directly integrated with their Church Community Builder software. There are two versions of the app available with Connection Features that a Church Community Builder subscriber can implement.  

My Church by Pushpay App

As part of their subscription, each church will receive a limited version of the My Church by Pushpay app, powered with Connection Features.  The app comes with direct integration to a church’s Church Community Builder Check-In, Groups, Events, and Profiles.  It’s a great option to connect congregants to the heart of the church and encourage community.

Custom Church App

For joint customers of Church Community Builder and Pushpay, churches will gain access to the connection features available through their Custom Church App. The connection features will be turned on in the mobile app studio as draggables, giving their church more customizability in their app. A church could turn on groups within their app but leave Check-In off, and vice versa, giving the church the ability to create the exact experience they want within their app. With powerful Media & Communication tools and easy to use Generosity Features already in the Custom Church App, these new Connection Features now give churches a full-featured app to share content, encourage generosity, and nurture community all in one convenient, mobile place. 

An Integration Made for Interaction

This deep app integration to Church Community Builder is more than just a list of Groups and Events.  It’s a tool that allows your people to join, communicate, message, update, and interact with others all from their mobile device.  With no additional entry to maintain the app, and no developers required, these fully integrated Connection Features take care of themselves, allowing your admins and leaders to continue to use the browser software and Lead App to do the operational side of ministry, leaving your church app the center of community for your people.  

A Fast Pass Check-In Experience

MyChurchApp_ChMS [Pre-Checked] (1)One of the most highly anticipated features of the app is Check-In.  We pulled in some tools to help you enhance your weekend experience for families and volunteers.


Pre-check gives parents a little peace of mind, reduces lines, and improves the Sunday morning experience. A touchless Check-In that allows parents and volunteers to check into an event up to two hours before the service and will provide a barcode directly within the app.  Once they arrive at your location, parents and volunteers can scan the barcode which will mark the attendees as checked in and print out any necessary name tags.  If a parent loses a parent pickup tag - no worries.  The day’s unique security numbers are saved within the app, ready to be shared with teachers or scanned for checkout for an even more secure process.  

Instant Check-In (coming soon)

During this time, churches want to know who is staying connected with their weekend experiences, while more families are participating from home. Streaming services may tell you the number of people who have watched your online service, but they may not tell you who is actually participating.  With Instant Check-In, your congregation can now check into a service from their mobile device to let you know that they are worshiping with you at home.  Or, maybe your church is also meeting in person? Go ahead and instruct your congregation to Check-In right from their seat so you know exactly who is joining you that day. An easy way to confirm who showed up for which service without needing to pass out a connection card or friendship book.  

The best part is that the attendance and check-in information is accessible instantly through your Church Community Builder software.  No manual entry necessary.

The timing of the app is so perfect, and what started as a convenience feature, is now a necessity to create a more touch-less experience. Not to mention we can check in the entire church, so we have contact tracing records…so important! I have seen God on the move and going before us in so many ways during this health crisis.”

—Torina Salcedo, Associate Pastor of Children & Families

Building Community with Groups

em-resource-1080x1080-Connection-Features -sep-2020Keep your community connected and growing together with our integrated Groups feature. We have taken the power of the ChMS Groups functionality and empowered members to interact, communicate, and support each other. 


Encourage direct communications with one another in Groups where Group members can now send messages from their app to each other.  Members won't miss a beat as messages are stored within the app to stay up to date with important leader and group member messages.  


MyChurchApp_ChMS [Needs Detail]

Whether it’s setting up meals for a group member who just had a baby or organizing a potluck, Needs are a great way to encourage your group to come together and serve one another.  Leaders and group members have the opportunity to request and accept a need directly from the app keeping everyone informed when and if someone needs support.

Find a Group

Help your congregation connect with others and find a community that deepens their spiritual journey and their relationships at the church.  With the Group Finder, people can locate groups that fit their needs, review the group description, and even request to join a group.  

RSVP for an Event

Keep group members up to date with group events with Group Calendars.  Allow group members to see upcoming events in their group, get all the details they need, and even RSVP, right from the app. 

Sync Up Profile Information

Trying to keep your church app contacts and ChMS data clean and reliable is almost an impossible task for admins and your congregation. Not all church apps have a clean sync between a church’s church management software. Some do not even connect to your church database. Well, now you can use an app that keeps the data between your app and ChMS clean and consistent.  Each user will have a profile within their app that is directly linked to their Church Community Builder profile.  For every edit of their profile in the app it will automatically sync to their profile in the browser, helping you keep your profile data and contacts up to date within your software. 

Users will also have the ability to view the profiles of group leaders and group members within their groups, but don’t worry, the app will honor any and all privacy settings that each person specifies.

ChurchStaq™ for a Complete Church App


We know that a complete Church App experience is more effective and engaging when you have features that nurture community, enhance generosity, and share the message your church carries. Build on top of the powerful ChMS features within your Church App to help you connect further with your people beyond Sunday.  With features like push notifications, premium giving tools, custom branding, streaming, and so much more - ChurchStaq™ can help you create a more streamlined and holistic app experience that will connect you deeper with the people in your church.  If you are looking for a rich app experience for your church that is integrated with your Church Community Builder software, we invite you to take a look at ChurchStaq™ before getting started with your My Church by Pushpay app.  


Complete Your App Experience with ChurchStaq

These are just the beginning of more enhancements to come to the Connection features available to Church Community Builder subscribers.  We are not done.

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