New Check-In is Here!

Our New Check-In is here and live for the world to see! These changes are pretty big when it comes to a faster, safer, and more streamlined Check-In process for kids and volunteers!  Here's the rundown of the new enhancements to this mighty tool. 

Authorized People

Authorized People with Laptop

Sometimes families have other extended family, neighbors, church friends, who help with pick up and drop off.  This can complicate the check-in and checkout process for everyone involved. That's why we created a way for families to authorize people (manned station only) to check their children in and out of their classrooms

Authorized People Phone Number
One Phone Number

Authorized People can use their phone number to check in kids.  This makes it easier at a Check-In station so they don't have to remember someone else's phone number. 

Authorized People Checkout
Safer Checkout 

After receiving and verifying the Pick-Up Tag, confirm the person is authorized to pick up the child by using our checkout feature. Checkout will keep track of who picked up the child and the exact time of pick up. Available in Deluxe only.  

Check-In, Meet Schedules

Since the release of our updated Schedules tool, we couldn't forget to add our volunteers to the list of needs for Check-In. 


What's Your ETA?

Once a Volunteer checks into their serving opportunity, your schedule will update their serving status to "Checked In."  This will give you greater visibility to see, from your Lead App or the browser software, which volunteers have arrived to serve and which ones are still missing. 

Volunteer Labels

Pick and choose which positions have a label printed for them when they check into their schedule assignment.  We designed a specific volunteer label just for your teams - no security code or pick up tag printed for them! This will allow you to eliminate kiosks and save money on labels. 

Combine these updates with our Schedules tool and your Volunteer Management game will be on point.  

Enable Dark Mode

No we're not talking about a specific superhero who turned, well, to the dark side.  We're talking about our new screen mode for Check-In! 

DarkMode with iPad-1

Are your kiosks in an area where your screens feel really bright?  Maybe too bright?  Switch your kiosk to Dark Mode to make Check-In a little easier on the eyes.  Behold!  All of the Check-In glory.  Just less blinding. 

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More Devices. More Fun!

Checkin Devices Light

We expanded our Check-In device repertoire to provide more options for churches to set up Check-In and print labels. Some to mention are:

  • Smartphones

  • Kindle Fires

  • iPods

Why does this matter?  Well, let us count the reasons -

  1. Page parents from the classroom - Let your teachers text message page parents from the classroom when they want to alert parents to come to the classroom or to let first time guests know their kiddo is doing great!
  2. View digital class roster - In case of emergencies, teachers can grab their phone and go out the door with a way to text parents and keep track of kids from their class.
  3. Use Checkout in the classroom -  Use tablets and smartphones at classrooms to scan name tags to checkout kids from the classroom.  Creates a faster process, additional security, and record of who was checked out by whom.
  4. Set up temporary stations - Use tablets or mobile phones as temporary manned stations when volume is heavy or on holiday weekends.
  5. Know who did what - Have your volunteers sign into Check-In with their regular username and password so you can track who adds new families or makes changes to profiles through the check-in process.
Download the Check-In App:
google-play-badge Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_wht_092917 amazon-appstore-badge-english-black
• Check-In App, available only in Deluxe.

Insightful Reporting

Reports with Laptop-1

Our Check-In reports got a nice little facelift giving you a cleaner design, quicker data consumption, and customization options. 

Improved Design

We took our reports to our brilliant designers who gave reports a fresh new look. There are a couple new options like Filters and Columns, giving you more ways to filter and view your data. Select specific criteria using Filters to narrow your results to what's most important to you. Then add and remove Columns to show only what you want to see about the individuals in your report. 

You will also notice that the name column is sticky, allowing you to scroll through your data so you can see exactly which data belongs to whom.  

More Than a Name

Speaking of the name column, you can click a name in a report to preview the profile on the right side of the browser - never navigating away from your report. Now when you see a name you don't recognize, you can see who they are in just one click.

A New Home

We also moved the Check-In reports into the browser making it easier to access after your events. 

The Honorable Mentions  

New Look! - We changed up our design in Check-In to match our new interface and to create a more cohesive experience no matter if you are using the browser software or the app.

Improved Checkout - we've mentioned this one a couple of times, but it's a feature that can definitely stand on its own.  We've improved the checkout process to include authorized users for pick up making this process a little faster and more secure.  Plus, with the addition of tablets and smartphones, checkout can happen easily, right at the classroom.  Available in Deluxe Only. 

More Profile Fields - We added a few more fields in Check-In for both browser and the app to collect a little more info at a kiosk.  Some fields to mention are School Grade, Mailing Address, and School.  

Screensaver - Upload an image to display when your kiosks aren't in use.  Use this as an opportunity to advertise upcoming events or match the current sermon series branding. 

Volunteer Check-In Admin Privilege - we gave you the ability to set volunteers with a special admin privilege that gives them access to use their usernames and passwords to set up a Check-In kiosk.  Any edits on profiles or new ones created in the kiosk will show their names under "Created By" or "Edited By” instead of ‘the System’. 

Print Hub - Coming Soon!

Learn more about Check-In in our Knowledge Center


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