New Check-In Update - Improvements With You In Mind

We told you that the May update of New Check-In was only the beginning to the changes we had planned for Check-In. While we couldn't get you the newest Apple devices (Come on, Jeff!), we could launch updates specifically designed to help you save time and resources for Check-In.

Stop for the latte! No weekly printer setup required.

Having to deal with printers for Check-In can sometimes feel like a scene from Mission Impossible. But with these new additions coming to Check-In (Standard and Deluxe), we think your setup will be less heart-pounding cinematic action and more like a stroll through the park, coffee in hand.  

Multiple Devices, One Printer - Hey, Print Hub!

Bluetooth and WiFi can be unreliable at times, and that's why we created Print Hub. Using a Print Hub lets you connect multiple devices to a single, hardwired printer. This also allows you to reduce costs by allowing multiple devices to share the same printer.

Print Settings and Print Hub
"Set It and Forget It" Print Settings

Tired of setting up a printer week to week? Well, we cut down your setup time by allowing you to save your print settings in your Check-In kiosk, so you never have to touch them again.

New Settings For the Label Cutter

Tired of little ones pulling the labels from the printer and messing with the label alignment? If you have purchased the label cutter attachment for Zebra or Godex printers, we've added a setting to tell the printer to cut after all labels for a family have printed. No more misaligned printers!

Extra extras for your Check-In teams.

We couldn't let printers take all the spotlight from this update. Let's look at the additions that'll make life a little easier for your Check-In teams.

You Spoke, We Listened.  Reprint All Labels

You asked for the ability to reprint the tags of an entire family instead of having to individually select each person. Well, we listened.  Head over to your Manned Station and try out this new action!

Reprint All

In App Room Roster Report

Sometimes, you just need to be able to run a report directly from the Check-In Kiosk - especially if want to know who is in each classroom. We've added the ability to run the Room Roster Report directly from a Manned station.

Room Roster Report

Make sure to turn on the ability to run reports in the Check-In setup so you and your teams can happily run this report as often as they want.  

PRO TIP: If you use Mobile devices in classrooms, your teachers now have a mobile Room Roster Report if the class needs to leave the room for any reason.

Coming Soon! Designated Volunteer Check-In Kiosks 

Churches will be able to customize their kiosk settings to allow just events OR just serving assignments OR both (a selection is always required) to be available at a specific kiosk.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.27.54 AM

So, if you have your volunteers check into a different station than your kids' areas because you want them to have a specific colored label, you can now make sure that happens. Keep your eyes open for this update in the next couple of weeks!

Learn more about these new additions to Check-In by heading over to the Knowledge Center!  

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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on Sep 19, 2019 6:30:00 AM