New Preferred Service Provider: YouDiscoverTruth


The Bible is an amazing work. Even those who’ve been studying it for years regularly find new truths hidden in its pages. For many of us, gaining a simple, fast, and authentic understanding of God’s Word is challenging. That’s why we’re glad to announce our new partnership with the discipleship app from 3Cord, YouDiscoverTruth.

You’ve seen many Bible apps and devotionals before, but nothing like YouDiscoverTruth. It combines Bible versions, Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, cross references, word searches, discovery and application questions, note-taking, and an amazing roadmap to help leaders and learners in all stages of their discipleship journeys. No other Bible app gives your small group leaders and members the tools they are asking for, without bias, interpretation, or commentary — all in one place.

With YouDiscoverTruth, customized to your church’s brand, put those resources in the hands of every member of your church. People want to discover the truth God has written in His pages. Give them the tools they need to grow and learn for themselves.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on Jul 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM