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The right files, MP3s, and chord charts are a must-have for making Sunday . However, sharing all those items with your production team required multiple systems or an out-of-date document separate from your church management software. We saw this need and we responded.  

It's time to integrate with 

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If you haven't heard of CCLI®, you may be missing out on an important resource for your group. CCLI®, or Christian Copyright Licensing International, protects and manages all of the confusing aspects of copyright law for Christian artists and churches. With their SongSelect® integration tool, you can import audio samples and lyric, chord, and lead sheets from more than 100,000 songs directly into your Service Plan and Song Library. All you need to do is set up the SongSelect® integration with your Church Community Builder site, and you're good to go!

Add, Share, and Arrange Your Song Library 

Toss out the binders, save on ink and paper, and let our Song Library store and organize your songs and files for your group in one convenient location.

Add Song

Add Songs

Create Songs in your Song Library to build a repository of songs to choose and add to your Service Plan.  With your SongSelect® Integration, search their database of tens of thousands of songs to automatically import and download chord charts in the desired key. Set the BPM and time signature and - viola! - your group is ready to take to the stage without wasting any time getting the right resources into the right hands.

Add Attachments


Add and share vocal notes, YouTube videos, MP3s, or PDFs to every song in the specific key you select and share with your group. It's one of those set-it-and-forget-it features so you don't have to worry about adding the video link for Jim so he can slap-a-da-bass just like in the original recording.

Minute by Minute Service Plans

Whether you call it a service outline, order of service, service run through, or timeline, we have you covered with Service Plans.  Let your groups know ahead of time how your upcoming Sunday will unfold with a service outline complete files, songs, attachments and links.     

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Drag and Drop Service Items

From Pre-Service Prayer to the Call and Response, construct easy-to-understand timelines with Service Plans. Create your Plan by adding each item of your service, and include additional information like item duration, links, songs, and special notes to help your groups be service ready before the weekend. Our intuitive systems gives you the freedom to drag and drop items to make changes on the fly and customize the perfect experience for your congregation.

Mobile Access
Volunteer Mobile Access

We can plan the perfect service, but it takes our volunteers and groups to really make it happen.  Add Plans directly to the volunteer schedule to help your groups prepare for the service on any device.  You can set up text message notifications so your volunteer groups will know exactly where and when they need to be every Sunday morning.

The Honorable Mentions  

New Permission - Plan Organizer:  We created a brand new organizer in Schedules & Plans called Plan Organizer.  Assign this role to anyone in your church who needs to be able to create a Plan in your schedule category.  

Integrations Tab: We added a new settings tab dedicated to your integrations.  Use this page to setup your SongSelect® by CCLI® integration.

Print Service Plan: Print out your full Service Plan to have on hand for your groups.

Coming Soon: This is our first of many updates coming to Service Plans.  Keep your eyes open for Versions (arrangements), Plan Templates, Media Player, a PDF viewer for onstage, and a lyrics and chord chart editor.

Learn more about Service Plans in our Knowledge Center



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