October 2017: Fall Maintenance

This month we're getting our pumpkins in a row with a minor release filled with bug fixes and usability improvements. These changes will be live in your sites the evening of Monday, October 16.

If you want to hear about what is currently in development for the Church Community Builder software, be sure to register for our Quarterly Software Update and Preview Webinar. This quarter we'll be featuring our brand new mobile app, LEAD.



  • When there are leadership roles that have not been assigned for your church, people with the 'Assign Privileges' and 'Campus Settings' admin privileges will now see a notice under their 'Attention Needed' bell that those roles have not been assigned. Before, this notification was only displaying for the Master Admin.
  • The 'Learn More' link on the Leadership tab of the Campus Settings page now correctly points you to a Help Article. Before, it was just taking you to a 404 page, which only helped you learn about disappointment.
  • Limited Access Users can now correctly email your church's Support Contacts.


  • The 'Entire Church Group' system group is now correctly being returned by the group_profiles service.


  • We are now successfully saving attendance recorded by Event Organizers. Before, we made it look like they successfully recorded attendance, but it wasn't actually saving.
  • We are no longer sending multiple copies of the Attendance Summary email to people who are a coach or director of a group and also a member of the group.
  • We fixed a problem that was occasionally preventing you from taking attendance from a logged out state for the first occurrence of a repeating event. This was happening when the first ocurrence fell outside of the event's normal recurrence pattern. We no longer punish non-conformity with a blank page.


  • We have confirmed that the latest version of Firefox ESR, version 52.4, is reliably printing Check-In labels. We recommend you use this browser for your Check-In stations.
  • When a person checks into an event in a group they didn't already belong to, the system automatically adds them as a member of that group. However, we were not updating the Group History table to show when they had been added. We've fixed this so history is now correctly being recorded.
  • We made the family search in Check-In a lot faster.


  • If you were editing a repeating event by changing an occurrence in the future, and chose to apply the change to 'This and Future Dates' or 'This Date Only', you would get a warning that previously-recorded attendance would be deleted. We weren't actually deleting that attendance, so we fixed this so you no longer get that misleading and concerning warning message.
  • We removed the extra line breaks that were accidentally being added to Event Invite emails.


  • When you create a batch through the financial import tool, we once again allow you to reopen that batch and add form payment transactions to it.
  • When processing form payments, we no longer include unpaid form responses when you click to 'Create Transactions'. Before, this was creating an error when you clicked 'Select All' on the Form Payments page and there were unpaid form responses.
  • Online Gifts are once again reflecting the time the gift was given according to the timezone of the gift's campus. Before, we were accidentally reporting all of these according to Mountain time.
  • We fixed a problem on Android phones using Chrome so when you are entering a credit card number, the cursor now shows up in the right place.
  • In some cases, when you set up a repeating gift through ProfitStars, we were listing the wrong date and time that the gift would run. We fixed this.
  • We fixed a problem with gifts from PushPay that was occasionally removing the 'Merchant Notes' attached to a transaction. Now those Merchant Notes stay intact.


  • If you are filling a form out from a logged in state, we now display a spinner until the form fully loads. Before, we were loading up the form without all of the profile fields filled in, and it would take a few seconds for those fields to populate.
  • We changed the 'Update my profile' to be a checkbox rather than a toggle.
  • We are now correctly saving state information when you fill out a form. Before, if you started typing into the State box and then selected a state from the dropdown, the system was saving what you typed in the box rather than the state you selected.
  • Forms that are linked to events are now loading appropriately. Before, when you received an event invitation, the 'Register' button would take you to the form, but the form wouldn't fully load.
  • If you are on the payment screen of a form and then hit the back button, we are no longer giving you an error that says your discount code is invalid (unless, of course, your discount code is invalid).
  • The order of options in a form's pulldown menu now matches the order you set when you created that question.
  • If you were filling out a form from a logged in state, but the form was supposed to be anonymous, we were still showing form managers who had filled out that response. We've fixed this so anonymous forms are truly anonymous, whether you are logged in or logged out when filling it out.
  • We fixed the date picker when filling out a form through Firefox on a Windows computer.
  • Form Managers now only see forms they manage on the Archived tab, rather than seeing all archived forms on that tab.
  • When an admin chooses to 'Fill out a form for a new person', we are once again loading the form without any profile fields filled in, rather than pre-populating the form with the admin's profile information.
  • If you are using a bulleted list in the form description, we are now correctly wrapping the text if it is longer than one line.
  • Forms scheduled for the future are now appropriately showing up in the forms list again. Before, if you had a form scheduled for the future and removed the original form creator as a manager, the form would disappear from the list for everyone but the remaining form managers.
  • The cancel button now works to actually cancel you out of a form, even if you are on the form payment page. Before, if you tried to cancel from the payment page, you were taken back to the form but never able to fully leave it. Trust us, this wasn't a deliberate ploy to get your people to fill out form payments.
  • If a form has a required question and one of the options for that question has been disabled, a form manager or admin can once again successfully edit that form response. Before, when they tried to edit the form response, the changes wouldn't save.
  • A person with Limited Write privileges on one campus can now successfully fill out a form from a logged in state on a different campus. Before, we weren't populating their profile information on that form.
  • We made it even faster to print out a form response when using Safari. All other browsers were already fast.
  • If you are filling out a form from a logged in state but choose to fill it out as "someone else", we now keep that selection the whole time you're filling out the form. Before, there was a rare occurrence where going on the payment page for the form and then canceling out of that page was changing the form profile fields back to the logged in person, rather than "someone else".
  • Unlisted 'Child' or 'Other' family members can now successfully fill out a form as themselves from a logged in state.
  • When matching a form response, we once again show you the tooltip to get more information about a person when you hover over their name.
  • Form Managers and Form Admins with no other privileges cannot fill out a form on behalf of an unlisted person, so we are now preventing those people from being able to search for an unlisted profile from the form detail page.
  • If a form automates to an inactive group, you can once again successfully submit that form response. Before there was an error in rare cases that was preventing the response from being submitted.


  • The first time you receive a text message from a group, you also receive another text prompting you to update your text message communication preferences for all your groups. You were only supposed to receive that text message once, but we were accidentally sending it multiple times. We fixed that.
  • Department Admins can no longer send out logins from the Entire Church Group if that group is not in their department.
  • When someone is invited to a group, we now only update the Groups History table once instead of 3 times. Being invited to a group is exciting, but it's not that exciting.
  • Event Summaries are now correctly loading on the Group Leader page.
  • A file attachment on a message now correctly only shows the file name, rather than the file name and file ID.
  • We fixed a problem on the public group finder where group images would mysteriously disappear after some time.
  • We no longer show a 'Send Email' link beside a person's name on the group participant list if that person doesn't actually have an email address.

Mail Merge

  • When sending a mail merge to a group, if you choose to include coaches and directors in that recipient list, we now include them in the total count of mail merge recipients. We were always sending the mail merge to the right people, we just weren't accurately reflecting the number of letters sent.


  • If an event is marked as 'Did Not Meet', we are no longer counting that in Metrics as 0 attendance. Instead, that event is just not considered in metrics reporting.

Mobile Preview

  • We improved font size and color to be more legible throughout this site.
  • If you have the appropriate privileges, you will now be able to find inactive profiles when searching for people to add to a family.


  • When the Need Coordinator is changed, the email sent to the new coordinator will now have a working link to take them to the Need. You'll now have to find some other way to prank the new Need Coordinator.

Process Queues

  • If you leave the due date field blank when editing a queue, that due date will now default to today's date, rather than just saving it as blank.
  • Marking someone as done in a queue will no longer rearrange the list of remaining people in the queue.
  • The Process Queue Breakdown report once again shows the correct campus, rather than always showing the church's first campus.
  • If you archive a Process Queue but that queue had a form automating to it, we would tell you that the form automations would stop, but they actually don't. We've removed that warning so the automations continue and there is no further confusion.
  • If a queue note was left for a person and shared with 'Process Queue Managers', now queue managers from other processes will be able to see that note too.


  • Churches with the Essential or Standard version of the software can now correctly leave notes visible to 'Appropriate Leaders', instead of just notes visible to Admins.
  • We fixed a rare case where a system change that didn't affect the profile was resulting in a person's profile "date modified" to be falsely updated. That no longer happens.


  • Inactive profiles will no longer be included in the Department Summary report.
  • When running the Transaction Summary Report, if you choose to combine the Primary Contact and Spouse of a family into one row, that report will now correctly show the Primary Contact's contact information.
  • When exporting the Transaction by Amount report to CSV, the transaction total now correctly lines up under the Amount column rather than the Date column.
  • The Category Summary by Batch or Date Range report now correctly sorts alphanumerically by the GL Cash/ Bank Account column.
  • When you run the Process Queue report and save it for later, then edit the queue selected in the report, the report will now correctly show the name of the new queue you selected, rather than the original one.
  • When viewing a report by following the link in the scheduled report email, you can now correctly edit that report's settings. Before, the 'edit settings' link wouldn't work if you landed on that report from an email link.
  • Custom Reports that contain the 'Form Question Answer' column now show the full form response for the question, rather than chopping it off after 300 characters.
  • Scheduled reports for a multi-site church are now always showing the right data, rather than sometimes saying there were no results when there actually were results.
  • When you run the Export Groups report, groups without a department are now correctly being exported.

Rooms & Resources

  • If you edit the questions in a resource, those new questions now show up in the correct order.

Schedules & Positions

  • We fixed an error where non-scheduled positions were affecting a person's preference order when viewing the Assign Volunteers page on the scheduling grid.
  • When using a search to add people to a position, we now list out the names of all the people who were successfully added to that position.
  • The My Fit page now loads a lot faster.
  • When you are viewing your Best Matches for positions on the serve page, that list will now match the list when you are viewing your Best Matches from your profile.
  • When trying to add volunteers to a schedule, we are no longer excluding the last available person from the list.
  • You can now click on the ellipsis for a person on the grid when viewing a schedule from a mobile device.
  • When emailing volunteers from the scheduling grid, if you were entering in source code to your email, it will now show all of your text, rather than just some of it.
Hot Fixes

Sometimes we become aware of issues in the software that are so important, they can’t wait for the next scheduled software release to be fixed. We call those ‘Hot Fixes’. Here is a list of all of those Hot Fixes that have already been resolved since the last release.


  • (Sep 29) If you are the Group Leader and Event Organizer for an event, you will only receive one copy of the pre-event Attendance Reminder, rather than receiving multiple copies.
  • (Oct 11) Event summaries now save correctly and email to the appropriate leadership, even when the group has over 1000 members.


  • (Sep 27) Closed batches once again show up at the bottom of the batch list page.
  • (Oct 13) Transactions from form responses with a Donation question type correctly reflect the COA chosen when that question was filled out.


  • (Sep 28) We fixed a bug so the font sizes are now larger and darker, which should help readability.
  • (Oct 03) We heard that the forms felt too small when you are filling them out on a tablet or desktop. We released a change so they will be bigger and more usable when you are on a larger device or screen.
  • (Oct 03) The 'Update my profile with this information' checkbox is again defaulted to OFF.
  • (Oct 04) When a form is matched, if the person's profile had a field that was blank and they provided that information on their form, their profile will be updated to add that information, even if the 'Update my profile' checkbox is not checked.
  • (Oct 06) When you fill out a form on behalf of someone else, when you move back and forth between pages we no longer change the profile information to yours.


  • (September 20) Group Leaders who have permission to edit the contact details of their group members can once again correctly see the contact information of their group members.
  • (September 21) Group Leaders who have permission to edit the contact details of their group members can no longer see the contact details of Unlisted people in their groups.
  • (September 25) Group Leaders who have permission to edit the contact details of their group members can now correctly see the birth year for their group members.


  • (September 28) You can now email people outside of your group to inform them of a Need. This can only be done if your group is listed.


  • (September 28) We fixed a problem in the Mobile Preview that was completely locking up the profile page.


  • (September 28) The Export Individuals report once again only includes one Giving Number column. If this feels like déjà vu, it's because we told you we fixed this in the last release, but we actually didn't. Whoops.

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