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On October 17 access to the old view of People Profiles will be going away, and the new People: Reimagined profile view will become your permanent profile experience. We want to make sure you're fully prepared for this experience, so in this blog post we'll walk you through some of the implications to be aware of, ways you can get training materials, and some new features coming soon to further enhance your new profile experience.

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People Reimagined
What's Going Away?

On October 17, 2018, you will no longer have access to the old profile view, and instead you will see the new People: Reimagined profile page. Note: We are NOT taking away the old people search page at this time. You will still be able to use the old search page and access your saved searches.

There are a few fields or experiences that you can access in the old profile view that you will no longer have access to when this view goes away:

  • Friends: This feature wasn't used very much, and it didn't function the way most people expected. If you want to export a list of people set as "friends" from your database, you can submit a ticket to our Data Services team.
  • Family ID: You can still access this information through saved searches, financial reports, and the Individual Export report.
  • Sync ID: This field was for administrative use only, and can be accessed via a saved search, Individual Export report, or can be exported upon request.
  • Services Usually Attended --> Preferred Service: The 'Services Usually Attended' field used to allow for multiple selections. In People: Reimagined, it was relabeled 'Preferred Service' and only allows one selection. If you want a report of all of the profiles that had multiple services selected prior to the change, you can request it via a support ticket.
  • Activity for Group Messages & Comments and Group Files: In Old Profiles, you could see the message, comment, and file activity for groups a person belonged to. In the new profiles, that group information is no longer displayed on a profile, but you can still see the groups a person belongs to, and any profile files associated with them.
  • Easy Email: We have eliminated the old 'Easy Email' window, and instead replaced this experience with a two-fold solution. There are now 2 ways to email someone from a profile:

    1. A basic user can click on a person's email address to launch their native email client, where they can send a formatted email to the individual, which will start a standard email thread.
    2. A full write admin has a new 'Messages' tab, where they can compose an email to an individual, and have the content of that message stored in the profile. With the new profile 'Messages' feature, a copy of the email is also sent to the sender, and the recipient can click on a button and comment on the message so all replies are stored in the profile. (You can learn more about the new Messages feature in this quick video.)

Although these fields are going away, all historical data is still stored in the database. If you need to access any of the data from these fields, simply submit a support ticket and our Data Services team will provide you a file of this information free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we asked our church partners why they were hesitant to use the new profile view, oftentimes it was because they couldn't find a key action or piece of information. Here are some of the most common questions we received:

Help! I'm on the old profile view and I don't know how to get back!

On the right side of your page, under the "actions" menu, you'll see a "Try out our new profile page" link. This will take you back to the People: Reimagined view.

Link to new page
I can't find my actions from the old profile view.

A lot of your general profile actions will be in the ellipsis menu found on the header of the profile. For actions related to a specific area of the software, check out the 'Involvement' section below.

Ellipsis Menu
Where do I find a person's Membership Type?

If you have the appropriate privileges (Full Read admin or the MA), you can see a person's Membership Type listed under their name.

Membership Type
Where do I see the profile created date, modified date, and who did those actions?

The created and modified information is now found as a footer on the bottom of the profile pages.

Created Date


How do I change family members?   How do I copy contact information?

When you hover over a family member's name, you'll see the ellipsis menu, where you can change their family position or start a new family with that person.

Family Actions

You can right click and copy the text, or if you hover over the contact info, you'll see the ellipsis menu where you can copy the info or use it to contact them.

Copy Contact Info
How do I update the contact info on the family profile?   How do I inactivate a profile and set a deceased date?

We no longer have a family profile. Instead, when you are editing a family member, you will see a "Apply to family" checkbox below any contact information that you can update for the whole family. This field is available for last name, home phone, mailing address, home address, campus, membership type, and profiles status.

Apply to Family

To inactivate a profile, edit the profile and go to the "Admin" tab. Change the Profile Status to 'Inactive'. Once you have chosen inactive, a date field will show where you can set a Deceased Date for the person as well. You can inactivate a whole family at once by checking the 'Apply Profile Status to family' checkbox then saving.

How do I set Child Work Approved dates and admin privileges?   Where can I see background check information for my people?

We have a new 'Admin Privileges' card on the About tab. There, you can see which privileges are assigned to a person and if they are Child Work Approved. To change this information, click on 'Edit Privileges'.


Your background check data is probably a custom field in your site, so if the field is filled in, it will show up on the card with your other custom fields. If the field is blank, it will be hidden from the profile.

Background Check


How do I focus in on the information I want to see on the timeline?

Use the checkboxes along the top to filter down the involvement tab to only show the data in the areas you care about. You can also click on the name of a tile to only see that tile's data on the page. Click on the title again to re-check all of the boxes.
You can also do a text search on the timeline by clicking on the magnifying glass beside the filters. This will only show info in the timeline that matches your text.

How do I perform specific actions around features that I used to be able to do on the old profile?

We kept all of the actions from the old profile, but we put them in actions menu on the appropriate tile for that feature, found in the Involvement tab. Here are some of the most commonly requested / missed actions:

On the Serving tile, you can find actions like adjusting serving availability and accepting schedule assignments.

Serving Tile

On the Groups tile, you can click on the ellipsis to add someone to a new group or remove them from a group.

Groups Tile

On the Process tile, hover over the blue plus sign (+) to add someone to a new process, and you can expand the bottom sections to see what processes and queues they manage.

Process Tile

On the Financial tile, you can perform a number of financial actions from the ellipsis, and you can expand the bottom sections to see repeating gifts and pledges.

Financial Tile
How do I send an email to someone and store a copy in their profile?

A full write admin has a new 'Messages' feature in the Notes & Messages tab, where they can compose an email to an individual, and have the content of that message stored in the profile. With the new profile 'Messages' feature, a copy of the email is also sent to the sender, and the recipient can click on a button and comment on the message so all replies are stored in the profile. (You can learn more about the new Messages feature in this quick video.)




If you need more in-depth assistance to help you transition to the new profile view, here are some additional training resources available to you:

Quick Videos
Quick Videos
Training Webinars
Help Articles


Coming Soon

On October 17, we're not just taking things away. We also have a few new features and improvements coming your way to make your People experience great!

  • Global People Search (already released): People Admins, you will now see a search icon in the header that allows you to do a people search from any page in the software! You can search on name, phone number, email address, or address, and you can even create a new profile right from that search!
  • Duplicate Detector: From the new Search page, you will be able to generate a list of all potential duplicates in your site, and merge and manage them right from that page!
  • New Create Profile Experience: Whether you are on the Old Search page or the New Search page, you will be presented with the new Create Profile modal to quickly and easily add new people into your system.
  • Inactive People Search: We'll be adding a new, convenient 'Inactive' search criteria in the New Search page to allow you to quickly search for inactive profiles in your site.
  • Disabled Form Notification: Form Managers will be receiving an email notification when the form they manage becomes disabled.

We'll be describing all of these improvements in more detail when they get released on October 17.

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