June 2017: Bug Fixes

This small update focuses on bug fixes and a few usability improvements to keep things running smoothly for you as we continue to build out a better future in our Mobile space. This release will happen the evening of Wednesday, June 21.

Featured Fix

We're giving you a bit more flexibility in scheduling. Now, if there is a week in your schedule when you aren't having service or you don't need your regular pool of volunteers, you can remove that week from the schedule.

New Features in the iPad Check-In App

We have released a new version of the iPad Check-In app, which now includes the ability to run Manned Check-In stations from the app. Check it out!

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Giving on the Go to Beat the Summer Slump

Introducing a new Giving page, making it easier than ever to give a gift right from your phone! With school winding down and vacations starting up, it can be tough to keep people engaged in your church over the summer. And when engagement is down, giving is too. We're here to help you fight that summer slump with this new mobile-friendly way to give a gift — so people can give to your church even if they aren't at your church. And because your givers aren't the only ones on the go this summer, we're also including a few more enhancements to the Mobile Preview and new tools for your group leaders in the Small Group Leader app. All of these phone-friendly tools for the summer are coming your way on Tuesday, May 30.

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May 2017: Bug Fixes and Canadian Giving Statements

While the majority of our development efforts have been focused on building out the new Mobile Preview, we've still been paying attention to fixing bugs and improving experiences in our current software too. Our neighbors to the north will be the recipient of some of these new experiences, as we've put effort into making our Giving Statements compliant with Canadian tax laws. All these changes are coming the evening of Wednesday, May 17.

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Meeting All Your Needs: Small Group Leader App

We've added Needs to the Small Group Leader app. Delivering meals to a group member who just had a baby? Looking for people to bring supplies for the next community outreach event? Whatever the needs your group may have, you can now create, view, and edit them right from your phone!

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