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At Church Community Builder, we call our customers Church Partners because we believe we work together to make disciples. We aim to provide software and services that aid you in ministering to the people of your church. To accomplish this mission, our software needs to enhance your work; and therefore we need to understand your work. We are looking for people to join our Product Experience Program (or PEP Squad) to help us shape the future of the Church Community Builder software.


Join the PEP Squad to make your voice heard.


In the PEP Squad, we conduct research projects to understand how you use the software. We also send out prototypes and mockups of new features, thoroughly user-testing every one of these designs to ensure that our software will work well before we start to write code. Serving as a foundation for all of this, we want to know more about your ministry work. What are the tasks you’re trying to accomplish? What tools do you use to get your work done? Where and when do you typically work? What devices do you use? What challenges do you face in trying to get your work done? Do you work collaboratively or mostly on your own?


We use a variety of methods to gather this information, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups, but the central element will be you.


The PEP Squad isn't just for office admins. We are looking for a wide variety of roles to participate in conversations — from pastors and ministry leaders to key volunteers, and even involved congregants. We want a large spread of feedback across the life of a church to make sure we are considering all angles when building solutions. Have questions before signing up? Email us at


The small amount of time you invest will lead to better tools for you and everyone else who uses our software.


Ready to make your voice heard? Register below to join the PEP Squad.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on Jan 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM