Migrating from Old Schedules to New Schedules

If you have been using the old Schedules feature in the Church Community Builder software, our team would love to help you migrate your historical data and convert your schedules into our new Beta Schedules feature. This can be done in 3 easy steps:

Choose Your
Conversion Type


Pick Your


①  Choose Your Conversion Type

We have two options for how you can convert your Schedules data:


The "Recommended Conversion" maps the old Schedules fields into their most logical new fields in Beta Schedules:

Department Category Children's Ministry; Worship
Group Team First Grade; Band
Position Position Teacher; Drummer
Status Status Accepted; Pending; Declined
Block Out Dates Block Out Dates  
Preferences Preferences  

If this matches the way your data is organized, fill out the following form to sign up for the Recommended Conversion:

Sign Up for Recommended Conversion


If that format doesn't work for your data, you can choose the "Assisted Conversion" to customize the way your old Schedules data is migrated into the Beta Schedules system.

Sign Up for Assisted Conversion

②  Migrate Attendance Data?

If you keep track of whether your volunteers have showed up for their serving assignments using event attendance, we can also migrate that data into the new system. Just fill out this form to let us know the department, groups, and/or attendance groupings for these Volunteer attendance events:

Sign Up to Migrate Attendance Data

③  Pick Your Off-Ramp

Once you've signed up to have your data converted, a member of our Product Team will reach out with additional information about steps you need to take (if any), what data will be migrated, and when we plan to migrate it. After that happens, we will email your site's Master Administrator to choose when to turn off the Old Schedules feature.

This blog post shows the Off-Ramp date options for turning off your Old Schedules feature.

Note: Even after your data has been converted to Beta Schedules, your historical data will also remain in the Old Schedules system until you turn off that feature, so there is no risk of losing your historical data.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.

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Posted by Erin Retka on Jan 1, 2018 11:06:00 AM