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At the end of August we'll be releasing an exciting update to our Scheduling tool. We're calling this release, Schedules: Reimagined. (Are you starting to see a theme here?) This blog is your one-stop shop for all resources to help you learn this new feature. It's sparse right now because the feature is still being built and beta tested, but new resources will be posted here as they become available, so be sure to keep checking back!

Schedules: Reimagined

This release is aimed at making it easier than ever for you to create and manage your schedules, while maintaining the health of your volunteers. And yes, we're making all of these experiences mobile-friendly so you can manage your scheduling experience from whatever device suits you. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come:

Intuitive Schedule Building

Intuitive Schedule Building

Our new Create Schedule workflow lets you build a schedule that matches the way you do church:

  • Flexible serving times that let you build a schedule with the frequency you want
  • Build templates to use over and over again to speed up the process
  • New Serving Teams let you build your Dream Team of Volunteers... without needing to create a Group

Ditch the Spreadsheets


You shouldn't have to keep a separate paper spreadsheet to be able to fill in the right volunteers in the right places. Our new scheduling tool will give you the tools you need, in the format you expect, to be able to quickly fill in your people:

  • The Grid gives you an easy drag-and-drop interface to fill in your people
  • Serving Rotations let you quickly populate your grid with your regular volunteer squad
  • Clearly see conflicts to avoid volunteer burnout
  • See volunteer status so you know where your gaps are

Easier For Your Volunteers

Easier to Volunteer

Technology shouldn't be a barrier that prevents your people from serving in your church. Our improved Volunteer experience will make it easier than ever for them to get on your schedules and have all the information they need:

  • More communication options to keep your volunteers informed and engaged
  • Mobile-friendly interface for volunteers to accept requests and manage their schedules... without having to log in
  • Can't Serve? More options to help you get your spot covered

And this is just the beginning! After this launch goes to stable, our development team is going to continue iterating on and improving this feature based on YOUR feedback!


We're producing a series of quick videos to help guide you through the changes:

Create Schedules
Service Plans
The Grid
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Serving Rotations
Coming Soon
Teams & Positions
Coming Soon
For Volunteers: See Your Schedule
Coming Soon
For Volunteers: Declining a Position
Coming Soon


Training Webinars

We have a few time slots available for live training webinars to get familiar with the interface. These webinars will include time for Q&A, and they will be recorded in case you can't attend live. All webinars will occur at 10:00am MDT and will last for approximately 90 minutes. Click on a button below to register.

Tue, August 21 Wed, Aug 22 10:00am MDT Thu, Aug 30 10:00am MDT


Recordings Available from previous webinars:


Help Articles

Coming Soon!

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Posted by Erin Retka on Aug 10, 2018 8:00:03 AM