Schedules: Reimagined Roadmap

Our new Beta Schedules keep getting better, with bug fixes, UX improvements, and new features based on your feedback. As we continue to make improvements, we want to keep you in the loop about what's coming down the pike, so you can make an informed decision about when it's the right time to get your team using this tool.

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What's New?
  • Monday, November 19:
    • You can now duplicate a Service Plan.
    • For churches that have turrned-off Old Schedules:
      • Serve Tile on Profiles shows Beta Schedules Data and Actions
      • Serving Availability on Profiles is connected to Beta Schedules
      • Involvement Timeline on Profiles Shows Beta Schedules History and Activity
  • Sunday, November 4:
    • Beta Schedules is now in the Lead App: Just update your app to see these new features.
    • The 'Background Check Required' setting on positions is now connected to 'Childwork Approved' status on a person's profile. If your volunteer is not Childwork Approved or their approval has expired, organizers will get an alert on the grid.
    • Edit Associated Times before adding Volunteers: You can now choose which associated times are needed for each team and position on your schedule before> you add in your volunteers, and those settings will copy over as you add new weeks.
    • Change the days of the week in your range: If you accidentally set up your schedule to start on the wrong day of the week, you can now edit that setting by going to your Schedule list > Actions > Edit Settings > Week Structure.
    • A new 'View All Schedules' button will allow you to load all schedule weeks into the grid with one click: You can find this button on the Schedule List page, and it applies to all schedules in the future.
    • You can now edit a category's settings from the Category List page: Just hover over the category name and click the 'Edit Settings' button.
    • You can now find Beta Schedules data in your Advanced Search Criteria: Look under "Scheduling" in the criteria list in the Old Search page.
    • Your volunteers can add their serving assignments to their personal calendar: From their 'Accepted Requests' page in Beta Schedules, they can use the 'Subscribe to Calendar' button to connect their serving schedule to their external calendar. Note: This does not yet connect their Schedules calendar to their personal calendar in CCB.
  • Tuesday, October 2:
    • Add/Remove Schedule Organizer: You can now set a Schedule Organizer for each week of a Schedule in that Category. The Schedule Organizer will be able to add volunteers for that week, adjust settings, and receive all of the notifications related to that schedule week. Set your Schedule Organizer in the Schedule Week settings on the grid or list view of your schedules.
    • New Schedule Organizer Notifications: Your Schedule Organizers will now receive notification emails when a volunteer declines an assignment or finds a replacement, in addition to receiving all other schedule notifications for that week.
    • Apply Schedule Settings to Future Schedules: Now, when you make changes to your schedule settings (like adding an organizer or customizing the reminders), you can apply those changes to all future weeks in your schedule.
    • Rename a Category: Edit this setting from your Category Settings page.
    • Reminders Default to 7pm: Before, these reminders defaulted to 2am. This default time only applies if you haven't set up a custom reminder time.
    • Alphabetical Sort: Now your list of volunteers in the Add Volunteers modal and the names of your Teams and Positions are all sorted alphabetically.
  • Wednesday, September 5:
    • Service Plans: You can now create a Service Plan and attach it to your schedule, to have a rundown of your event or service. You can include descriptions, links, and files in your service plans so your volunteers have everything they need!
    • Open Schedule: Just click "Allow Volunteer Signups" in your schedule week settings, choose which positions you're looking to fill, and alert your volunteers to the open opportunities!
    • Default to "Accepted" Status: Now, in your Category Settings, you can choose to "Use Accepted as the Default Assignment Status". When you choose this setting, all new volunteers you add to the grid will have a status of "Accepted" rather than "Pending." They won't receive a volunteer request message, but they will receive serving reminders.
    • Add More Weeks: When you add more weeks to your schedule, you can choose specifically which weeks to add and you can continue to load more than 10 weeks at a time. You can now do this both from the Grid and the Schedule List view.
Coming Soon

Here are other features already in the works based on your feedback:
(Note: All of these dates are estimates, not guarantees on delivery, and are therefore subject to change.)

  • December 2018:
    • Form Automation to Beta Schedules Positions (in Beta Testing)
    • Process Queue Automation to Beta Schedules Positions (in Beta Testing)
    • Redesigned Request and Reminder Emails with Calendar Links (in Beta Testing)
    • Swap with Another Volunteer (in Beta Testing)
    • Duplicate a Category
    • Create, edit, and add Serving Times in months, weeks, or days that are partially in the past
    • Grid View for Volunteers
    • Beta Schedules Connected to Dashboard Metrics
  • January 2019:
    • Team Organizer Role
    • Beta Schedules Roster Report
  • Date Unknown:
    • Duplicate a Schedule, Serving Rotation, etc.
    • Family Schedules
    • Checking in Volunteers using Check-In
    • Public Sign-Ups
Training Resources

If you need more in-depth assistance to help you transition to the new profile view, here are some additional training resources available to you:

Quick Videos
Quick Videos
Training Webinars
Help Articles

You can see all training resources, and get an overview of the new Beta Schedules feature, on this blog post.

What About Old Schedules?

Because this new Schedules system is a work-in-progess, we have made it entirely independent from your old Schedules. That means you can keep using any schedules you have already created, and explore this new Schedules tool on a time that works best for your ministry.

Our team is will work with you to help you with migrating information from your old schedules into the Beta Schedules feature, and we are providing a number of options where you can choose to have old schedules turned off. Check out this blog post to get started.

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