Reimagine the Holiday with Service Overview



It's November in the church world, and all through the Slack.
The ministries are rushing, for Christmas is back.
Planning meetings are happening, creatives are singing.
While tech teams configure how to get the lights "blinging”.
There is a lot to organize, the best tools are seeded
To plan the best holiday services, Service Overview is needed!


As we get into the holiday spirit, let's make sure you have the best tools to help organize and plan your reimagined holiday services for 2020. Organizing Tech, Worship, and Volunteer teams for big experiences like Christmas and Easter can be a daunting challenge. To help you finish this year strong, we are adding a new feature, Service Overview, to give you a multi-week, combined view of Schedules and Plans.  Available November 9 for Standard and Deluxe!

Forward, back, and in-between


Once you choose your category, you’ll see a few button changes at the top of the list of your schedules including the addition of “SERVICE OVERVIEW.” You can either select specific dates or, if you don’t select any dates, we automatically load the current date plus the next 4 dates in the future.


When the service overview is loaded, you can load past or future dates in sets of 5. Choose “Filter My Grid” which brings your list of dates back up to select and choose a different set of dates.

PRO TIP - Want to compare last year's services with this year's? Choose "Filter My Grid" and select Christmas services from 2019 and 2020 to make sure to repeat (or not) the songs that really landed last year.

Get Everyone in Alignment


If you like things clean and organized, or wish you did, this is going to be your new favorite feature. In the same menu as “Filter My Grid,” we’ve added an option to align your Teams & Positions. This will make it easier to scan across multiple schedules, compare positions, and see what volunteers you’re missing.

Plans are Better Together


Plans can now be seen side-by-side, allowing you to drag and drop items across multiple weeks. Create plans from scratch by adding items, songs, or sections from a template you’ve already made, or drag an item from one plan to an empty service time to automatically add items to that plan.

You can also copy sections from one plan to another, and from there you’ll be able to reorder the items within your plans.

Collapse the Noise


If you’re more focused on volunteer schedules, you can collapse the service plans. And if you’re only interested in editing and working with the service plans, you can collapse your volunteers and get a simpler look — while still having the option to view the other set of content you need.

We hope these changes improve your planning and put you in the holiday spirit.

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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on Nov 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM