Refreshed Processes and Departments to Help You Finish 2020 Strong


As we get closer to the end of 2020 (can I get an amen!), time can’t go fast enough. Sometimes we look up from our busy lives and realize we need everything to slow down. Whether you work part-time, full-time, or are bi-vocational, every minute counts, and dedicating your time to the most important things will help you finish out this year the best that you can. 

With our newest updates coming to Processes and Departments, you can expect a little more time back into your bucket. We pulled the important things to the forefront for Guest Follow-Up Teams and Admins to make training, follow-up, and managing their ministries a little easier without losing sight of what’s important to them at that moment — people.


Processes Simple Facelift


Processes are all about taking people through the necessary steps to get connected, involved, and fully committed at your church. We didn’t make any changes to the functionality of this beloved feature, but we did update the first four tabs (Managed by Me, My Assignments, Active, and Archived) with new styling and design to make it visually easier to find what you need. By enhancing the user-friendliness of this feature you can train your teams and connect with your people even faster.

Managed by Me

Processes Tab

This section shows a stronger visual change even though the change here is very small. Instead of stacking Processes and Queues on top of each other in one column, we put them side by side, cleaning up white space, and helping you see everything in one place.

My Assignments

Process My Assignments

The biggest change you will see here is that we restructured the layout of My Assignments so you can quickly see which processes and queues need your attention. Click on any line item to take you directly to the queue that you want to review or take action. The new Status filter allows you to refine by Overdue, In Process, Waiting, and Not Started, which will help keep this area a little cleaner and organized for admins and volunteers.


Departments Refresh and Consolidation


If you are an admin for a specific ministry or you manage groups inside of the software, Departments is a great way to keep all those wild and crazy groups together. We hear from admins that group creation can be like herding cats in most church management systems, but having your groups bucketed into some kind of organization makes this a lot easier to manage. With the new Department changes, we think this will help you become a rodeo star with managing your groups and ultimately give you more time back in your day.

Merge Departments and Department Settings

All Departments (1)

Department management goes hand in hand with group management. So to help streamline workflows, we moved Department Settings from System Settings into Departments, which lives under Groups in the left navigation. This way, admins have one place to manage everything related to Departments.

View, Add, and Remove

Departments DetailPage-1

Previously when creating a department, admins would have to hunt through a series of pages to get to where they needed. But when it came to adding Department Admins and managing groups, an admin would have to go to another place in the software to complete those tasks. We saw the unnecessary steps in this workflow and decided to condense everything into one place so you can create, edit, and remove Departments, Department Admins, and Groups all in one place.

Filter Columns

Admins usually juggle a lot of ministries, groups, people, and tasks all at once. So we brought in our new report design into the department detail page to help admins focus their lists by allowing them to add and remove columns (Campus, Leader, Coach, Director).

One Click to Remove Groups

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 6.03.49 PM

We hinted at this feature earlier, but we think it's honestly worth mentioning one more time. Instead of having to open a group and go into the group settings to remove that group from a department, now you can do this all from the Department Detail page by clicking the ellipses (or kabob) to remove the group. Sometimes the little things make the biggest impact.

Feature Highlight: Group Leader Detail Page (Deluxe Only)

Group Leader Detail

As an admin is scrolling through their Department Detail page, they will notice that the names of people in columns are hyperlinked to group leader detail pages. Use this page to leave a note about a leader and share it with other leaders in the department or church. Also, access historical event summaries the leader submitted from taking attendance without having to dig into the group event to find them. Just more ways to save time and share important information across teams.

We hope as you are finishing out 2020 these features help you save some time, enhance your workflows, and help you focus on the things that matter today.

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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on Nov 1, 2020 7:27:00 PM