Meeting All Your Needs: Small Group Leader App

We've added Needs to the Small Group Leader app. Delivering meals to a group member who just had a baby? Looking for people to bring supplies for the next community outreach event? Whatever the needs your group may have, you can now create, view, and edit them right from your phone!


Update your app to get this new functionality in the palm of your hands!

Still on the fence? Don't forget about all of the other powerful features the Small Group Leader app has to offer:

  • Record attendance for your gathering with a few quick taps
  • Send a group message or text to keep your members informed
  • Never forget a birthay or anniversary with 'Special Days'
  • Did someone get a new phone? Update Group Members' contact info on the fly
  • Add / Remove members and leaders as your group changes and grows

When you're ready to start using this great tool, head on over to the App Store or Google Play to download today. To learn more about how to use the app, check out this Help Desk article.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on May 8, 2017 1:34:23 PM