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Your members will be able to give from any device, and they don’t have to login to pay for things like a men’s retreat. This makes all incoming transactions easy for you and the person giving. Our software also integrates with several giving platforms that you might already be using, making the transition seamless.

Automate giving reports

Need a report of weekly donations? You can build out the report right in our software in seconds and send it to other staff.

Run donor analysis reports

Let’s say you want to communicate with all of your first time givers. Now you’re able to simply pull a report and send all of those first time givers an email with a personalized thank you! Also, when a person donates, their information is automatically updated across our software.


With the Giving feature you can send out an email to everyone who hasn’t logged in to the software. It's a nice reminder that they can access their End of Year Giving Statements and any of their giving information at any time right in the software. This allows you to save money and people are able to keep track of all their donations digitally.


Rest easy knowing support is right around the corner.


    Hands-on software coaching to achieve your ministry objectives.


    Shortened response times and live-chat availability with our support team.


    On-site or remote training to get your team up to speed & maximize your ministry tools.


    Transition from another ChMS quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Well, of course there’s an app.

Know your people. Wherever they are.

Take your software with you

Get an in-depth look at your people no matter where you are. The Lead app takes powerful information about your people and puts it in the palm of your hand. See more details.

Speaking of Software...

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