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Processes are built to follow up with people so no one gets left behind. This could be first time guest follow up, background checks, volunteer pipelines, hospital visits, prayer requests, membership process, leadership pipelines, and more. Our processes even connect with each other so once a person has taken all of the steps in the "First Time Guest Process" they automatically get added to your second process, like a "Sign Up to Volunteer" process. Just like you, we believe people shouldn't be falling through the cracks so we've built this feature to keep people engaged and growing!


Let's say you're talking to someone on the phone and they mention they want more information about Youth ministry? Get them connected by adding them to the Youth ministry process. The software will alert the Youth staff when to follow up and allow them to connect with that person. You can also use a process to do things like get a person plugged into a small group. The beauty of it all is that your congregation can be in charge of each step of the process. This allows remote people to volunteer in welcoming first time guests or making blankets for newborns!


  • Send personalized follow up emails to first time guests inviting them to join a home group!
  • Follow up with people who’ve had major life events. If a member lost a loved one, you can set a reminder to reach out to them over the holidays to check in and see how they’re doing and send them flowers.
  • Create a plan for a missions team. Remind your team about upcoming team meetings, financial check points and packing lists.
  • Streamline the volunteer application follow-up process. Processes will help you make sure that new volunteers go through the correct application steps and are placed in the appropriate position to help prevent burn out!


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