Ministry Cfo

Ministry CFO

MinistryCFO wants to improve your financial operations by automating and coordinating your accounting, CMS, online giving and other administrative systems, thus bringing functionality and clarity to the business side of your church. We are dedicated to saving you time and money in the process. So let MinistryCFO, the industry experts, take care of your business operations so that you can be free to focus your time, talent and energy on your mission.

Generis Small


Generis is committed to cultivating generosity for funding God-given vision in ministry. Since 1989, the Generis team has had the privilege of serving over 2,000 churches and ministry organizations while unleashing more than $5 billion in ministry funding. More than just consultants, they are Kingdom-minded believers who serve as partners, guides, and friends. Whether the need is operating budget, buildings and special projects, or charitable gift planning, their goal is to help fan the spark of generosity into full flame.

Innovate 4 Jesus Small

Innovate 4 Jesus

i4J connects you with insightful leaders who share lifetimes of innovating for God’s Kingdom in 3 minutes or less. Travel with host Justin Blaney as he searches for the biggest impact-makers around the world – regardless of how many Twitter followers they have or how many seats they fill on Sunday. I4J values experience over theory; reality over concepts. They edit out all the generic advice so you can focus on real growth through practical action.

Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions

The well-worn path to growth is filled with obstacles and pitfalls — so we blazed a new trail. Our flexible, low-risk model to staffing allows you to scale your organization safely and efficiently. Real growth…without the growing pains. While our services are virtual, our people are very real. We employ only the most talented, experienced specialists to ensure your organization is equipped with the tools it needs to ascend. Whether you’re on the ground floor, or a few feet from the summit, BELAY specialists help your church climb higher. Higher efficiency and lower risk allow you to grow with peace of mind.