No matter where people serve in the context of your ministry, you understand volunteers are the life blood of your church. You are inspired to care for and build into them in amazing ways, knowing the better you serve them, the better they can serve the rest of your church.

Scheduling. Completely Redesigned.

We're redesigning scheduling… and we think you’re going to love it. On September 8, all standard and deluxe versions of the software will have access to a new and improved scheduling interface that will empower leaders and inspire volunteers to greater levels of engagement.

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Fingerprints Everywhere, Name Nowhere

"We want our fingerprints to be everywhere, and our names to be nowhere." —Paul Loyless

My good friend Paul Loyless of Compassion International made this statement while we were on a vision trip to Peru last year.

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How You Lead Matters

You’ve probably heard it a dozen times from leadership books, from leadership coaches, from social media, from every source imaginable. People don’t leave jobs — they leave leaders. It’s become a standard leadership cliche. But cliches often become cliches because they’re true. People don’t leave jobs. They leave the people who were leading them in those jobs. And if you’re a leader, that’s a reality you have to pay attention to every day.

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Growing your church one experience at a time

Have you visited a Starbucks lately? If you have, chances are better than not that you received a smile, were asked your name and, if you didn’t like your drink, were offered a replacement with no questions asked. Traveling as much as I do gives me plenty of opportunities to hit a local Starbucks and, even though I tend to prefer local establishments over chains, I greatly respect and appreciate the consistent experience I get at Starbucks. That’s why Ryan Stigile’s recent article about why people like Starbucks more than the church caught my attention.

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