Why web based church software?

Ministry doesn’t only happen within church walls. Traditional church  software gets installed on a computer used by an administrative staff member — making it useful to precisely one person in precisely one place. If the goal of church software is to help you improve your ministry, you should be able to take it with you where ministry actually takes place. Our web based church software is designed to accomplish just that.

When you’re at a prayer night and wanting to keep track of who came, why write names on a piece of paper to hand to the secretary for inputting in the database next Monday when you could just check off attendees from a list on your phone? Or if you hear about a pressing need in the community, why would you wait until the next Sunday morning to let people know about it when you could announce it right away from your small group’s central hub?

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Why is Church Community Builder a web-based software?


There are a few reasons we chose to deliver our online church software in a web-based, or Software as a Service (SaaS), format:


No additional equipment is needed to run our church software. Whether you are using a PC or a Mac system, all you will ever need to utilize our church software is your computer (or even a mobile device) and access to the Internet. The management software is run directly through your web browser. It is supported on most modern web browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer versions 9+.


No installation needed. We provide web Based church Software solution for religious organisations like Churches. Unlike locally hosted apps, you won’t need to worry about installing the church management software on every computer that needs to run it. Not to mention, when any updates are made to our system, you don’t need to worry about completing all of the updates separately. When you are ready to use the Software, it is waiting for you within your web browser, fully updated and ready to go.


Freedom to work where you need to. With our SaaS church software, you can use it anywhere that you have internet access. Whether you’re in the church office, at the kitchen table, in your favorite coffee shop, or during your flight for vacation - our Online church management solution is ready to be used. Although, we don’t recommend working while you’re on vacation. Take your well-earned break!


These are all of the benefits that come along with a web-based church software and why we chose SaaS to deliver your product.



How secure is your web-based church software?


We understand just how important data security and privacy is, especially within an Online church management solution. To keep it simple, all of your data and information is safe with Church Community Builder. If you want to know more about the details of how we keep your information safe within our church software, please read more below