February 2019 Software Update Webinar Recording

On Wednesday, February 27, we hosted our quarterly webinar with speaker Jeff Otero, leader of Software Design, and Bobbie Jo Berry, Product Marketing at Church Community Builder. They talked to us about what's new and coming soon in Check-In, a brand new Congregant App, and gave us a peek at the future of Giving. Check out the recording and FAQs.

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording



  • (2:53) Schedules: Reimagined
  • (9:07) People: Reimagined
  • (17:17) Check-In
  • (30:24) Congregant App
  • (49:18) Giving
  • (51:00) Q & A

Key Resources

Here are some of the links and resources we mentioned during the webinar:

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered a number of questions live during the webinar, but hundreds more were submitted through the Q&A chat area. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the webinar.

General Questions | Duplicates |   Schedules
Check-In | Congregant App   | New Giving

General Webinar Questions

When is the next webinar?

  • Our next Quarterly Software Webinar will be in May 1, 2019.

How do I stay up to date on all of the changes in the software?

My question didn't get answered during the webinar.

  • We tried to keep our live Q&A relevant to what we were presenting. However, if you asked a question about your church's specific use of the software, we have submitted those to our Support Team and you should be hearing from them soon. You can always submit a ticket to get additional assistance from our team.

Duplicate Merge

Where can I get more information about this tool?

What permissions do I need to have to see the new Duplicate Detector?

  • Full Write Admin or the Master Administrator.

Why am I seeing people from the same family showing up as duplicates?

  • We built this Duplicate Detector to not show someone as a potential duplicate if they are in the same family (i.e., they have the same Family ID). We have found that in many cases, our churches have whole families that are duplicated in their databases, which is why it seems like family members are listed as potential duplicates. If that's not the case for you, reach out to our Support Team and we'll help you comb through your data.


Where do I get more information about New Schedules?

  • You can visit our new knowledge center and view our video content.  You can also join the Schedules User Group to keep you up to date with updates in New Schedules.

I've been using old Schedules and I'm ready to migrate over to New Schedules. How do I get started?

  • This blog, Migrating from Old Schedules to New Schedules, will give you all the information you need to get started in the migration process. Migrating your schedules is a free data service when you follow the instructions in this blog.

In New Schedules, can we set up automatic reminders to go out each week?

  • Yes! You can set automatic email and text message notification reminders to go out as frequent as you want. Check out this video to show you how to set up those reminders in the software.

How do you assign a leader in Schedules? Team Organizer?

  • Watch this video to get a step by step instruction on how to set up schedule leader roles in schedules, including a Team Organizer.

What privileges does someone need to manage schedules?

  • There are several different tiers of privileges we've built into New Schedules:
    • The Master Administrator can access and edit all of the schedules in their site, and can create new Categories.
    • Someone with the Schedules admin privilege can access and edit all of the schedules and create new Categories in the campus where they have permissions.
    • A Category Organizer can edit all of the schedules, teams, and positions in the category they organize. (Category Organizers are set at the Schedule Setting level).
    • A Schedule Organizer can edit the schedule, add volunteers, and get notifications for the Schedule Weeks they organize. (Schedule Organizers are set at the Schedule Week Setting level).
    • A Team Organizer can edit the team and positions they are assigned to in the category.  (Team Organizers are set at the Teams and Positions section of the Category)

Does New Schedules eliminate the need for using Planning Center (PCO)?

  • Our hope is that you can eliminate the need for data silos and all of your teams can use the Schedules tool in Church Community Builder. We have already heard from several churches who have been able to move away from PCO and use this New Schedules tool instead.
    If there is a feature or experience that is preventing you from being able to switch from PCO, we'd love to know about it so we can consider it for future development.

Will New Schedules have a CCLI integration?

  • Our team is currently looking into this, but we can't make any commitments yet.

Could you clarify when we'll be able to have a station set up for our volunteers to check in as volunteers and be assigned with that "checked-in status" in new schedules?

  • This new Check-In feature is anticipated to release May 13, 2019


When will the new Check-In system come out?

  • In order to not disrupt your Check-In experience during the Easter season, these Check-In changes won't be released to the Browser and App Check-In system until our anticipated launch date of May 13, 2019.

How do I sign up to be a Beta Tester for the new Check-In app?

  • You can sign up to be a beta tester by filing out this form. Note: this beta testing will not include the new 'Pre-Check' feature. That feature will be released with the new Congregant App.

Will you have to have volunteers tied to a schedule in order to Check-In? Or will we have same options to just set up Check-In by group, department type, etc.?

  • If you are not utilizing the new scheduling feature you can continue checking in your volunteers to the events within groups. However, the more ideal situation is to Check-In to the serving assignment by using new schedules. Checking into the serving assignment prints a specific label with the volunteer's name, position, date and time and it will also updates the serving metrics appropriately.

Will we be able to change the quantity of tags printed?

  • You are currently able to change the quantity of tags at a manned station. This functionality will not go away. However, once new Check-In is launched, you will be able to set the quantity of labels at the event level.

What will the new Volunteer Check-in label look like?

You used the Check-In App on your phone, will this work on an iPad?

  • Yes, the Check-In app will work on iOS/Android Tablets and Smartphones. You can view this article here to see what other devices are supported with new Check-In.  We'll update this list as more models are supported.

What type of equipment will be needed for the new Check-In? Will our current Zebra printers work?

  • To be sure you currently have the right equipment for new Check-In, you will need to confirm your equipment is supported. Take a look at this article here to see what is supported with new Check-In.  Note: You will want to make sure that your devices can update to the most recent Operating System.  If they can't, Check-In will not work.  

Which browser should we be running for Check-In?

  • New Check-In will work with both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

If we're checking volunteers in through schedules instead of groups, how does that impact room ratios?

  • At initial release, the room ratios will not be affected by checking into the serving assignment. We do plan on addressing that issue in the future, but there is not a projected timeframe for that at the moment.

Do you have a solution to scanning barcodes for Check-In when using a wall mounted tablet (iPad)?

  • New Check-In will be available on iPhone and Android devices, so we imagine a lot of volunteers will scan a phone with their own phone. We are also exploring the use of the front camera of the iPad to scan, but the resolution and quality is not as great as the rear-facing camera.

How does the new Check-In and new schedules affect attendance? Where are the volunteers checked into?

  • If the volunteer checks into their serving assignment, and old schedules is disabled, then the volunteer Check-In will be reflected as "Checked-in" to their serving assignment and their 'dots' will be updated on the involvement tab. This data will not be reflected in attendance reports but will show up in metrics. If the volunteer checks into an event it will continue to count as event attendance and will show up in attendance reports.

Congregant App

When will the Congregant App come out?

  • We are planning to release the new Congregant App by the end of Quarter 2 of this year.  

What's the difference between the Congregant App and the Lead App?

  • The Lead App is built specifically with your ministry leaders in mind. We've put the tools in that leaders need to manage their work, see their people, etc. The Congregant App will be for everyone in your church, to access the tools they need to engage with your church. The Congregant App won't have any leadership or management functions, and there are some scenarios where people in your church need both apps, depending on their roles and involvement.

When printing labels from Pre-Check, where and how does it print? We don't want parents checking in without printing a badge.

  • When a family uses Pre-Check from the app they will be given a barcode that they will need to scan at a kiosk. Once the barcode is scanned at a Check-In kiosk, labels will be printed and officially check them into the event. Attendance will not be recorded until the barcode has been scanned.

What software/hardware is needed to scan barcodes for Pre-Check?

  • Any one of our recommended barcode scanners along with the back-facing camera of a smartphone and tablet running Check-In.

What other features will be included in the App?

  • We are planning to release two phases of the Congregant App. Phase One will include Profiles, Check-In, Schedules, Forms, Groups, Events, Giving, and more. To start getting value in your hands as soon as possible, we will be releasing the app with minimal features, then continue to add in new features as we build them. Phase Two will include paid premium features such as geofencing, a place to upload your bulletin, video streaming, push notifications, Bible, and some in app customization. Let us know what other features would be essential for your congregants in an app like this!

I already have a custom church app. Is there any way to integrate our church app into the Congregant App?

  • At this point, we are not planning on building integrations or allow URL links to your custom church apps.

Will the giving through the Congregant App be able to integrate with payment services like PushPay?

  • Giving within the app will only be available using Church Community Builder New Giving Platform. We may explore linking out to external sites like PushPay.

Would we be able to disable the giving feature in the Congregant App if we want our people to give through another source, like Subsplash?

  • Yes! You will be able to disable the Giving side of the app.

Would congregants be able to find and contact their friends in the app?

  • Yes! As long as their privacy settings allow for someone to find them and see their info, then a Basic User will be able to find their friends. Note: Limited Access Users cannot search for people in the software. Take some time now to revisit your Privacy Defaults in your browser software to make sure you are creating the best experience for your congregation.

How much customization will we have in the congregant app? IE, adding custom content, colors, etc?

  • We are still exploring the extent of the customization we will allow. At minimum, admins will be able to add custom content, images, videos, and links. We may not allow every single color to be tweaked or specific fonts, but there should be an ample amount of customization.

New Giving Questions

Will the giving be able to replace 3rd party companies like PushPay, BluePay, and Secure Give?

  • Yes, New Giving will be able to replace 3rd party giving solutions and will not require you to get a merchant account from a 3rd party. We expect the initial release of the New Giving will include one-time and repeating debit/credit card and ACH giving and debit/credit card form payments.

New Giving Questions

What will be included with the New Giving experience?

  • We will be diving into the specifics of this new experience in our next webinar at the end of quarter two of this year. Be sure to stay tuned for registrations for our next webinar in our newsletter, user groups, and facebook page.

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