New Preferred Service Provider: eSPACE by Cool Solutions Group


Given Church Community Builder’s passion for excellence, we are excited to announce an integration with another best-in-class provider of software and services – eSPACE by Cool Solutions Group.

eSPACE and Cool Solutions Group was developed by church facility professionals and offers a comprehensive suite of Church Facility Management Solutions including:

  1. Event/Facility Scheduler
  2. Work Order Management and Preventive Maintenance
  3. Life Cycle and Capital Reserve Planning
  4. HVAC Integration
  5. Facility Management Training and Services


eSPACE has developed an HVAC integration called COOLSPACE that can integrate with many Building Automation Systems and some WiFi Thermostats.

With COOLSPACE/eSPACE integration, you can easily schedule all the events in your facility and the HVAC systems will respond to each event as they occur, including setup and cleanup times. Not only can you realize energy savings with improved HVAC run-times, your facility staff is able to devote more time to other needs.

Integration with eSPACE allows your Church Community Builder calendar to be the front-end interface for your general users and staff, while your Facility and Event Management Teams can utilize the robust features of eSPACE as their daily management tool. You do not have to train the majority on new systems or recreate all of your events in a new space, and your facility team can really drill down into the more detailed information and planning tools needed to intentionally manage and maintain facilities.

If you're ready to be more efficient, effective, and intentional with the facilities God has entrusted to you, contact us today.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on Jan 10, 2018 12:41:08 PM