Software Update Webinar - A look into Checkr Background Checks, Connect@Church, and New Giving

On Thursday, October 17, we hosted our quarterly webinar with speaker Jeff Otero, leader of Design, and Bobbie Jo Berry, Product Marketing at Church Community Builder. We learned about our brand new integration with Checkr Background Checks, and we saw what's coming with Worship Planning, Connect@Church App, and New Giving. Plus, we took a peak at a brand new user experience inside of the software! Check out the recording and FAQs.

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording



  • (3:36) Schedules and Plans
  • (10:44) Checkr Background Checks
  • (26:00) Connect@Church App
  • (43:27) New Giving
  • (49:45) Simplify
  • (55:19) Closing

Key Resources

Here are some of the links and resources to go with your webinar experience:

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered a number of questions live during the webinar, but hundreds more were submitted through our Webinar Slack Channel. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the webinar:

General Questions | Schedules and Plans |   Checkr
Connect@Church App | New Giving

General Webinar Questions

How do I stay up to date on all of the changes in the software?

Schedules and Plans

Any update on integrating other companies, like ProPresenter or Proclaim?

  • We don’t have any updates at this point. We will let you know if anything changes.

The songs and files count against my overall storage space in my site. How much file storage space do I have?

Can I get a copy of the "What's Coming" slide for Worship Planning? 

Checkr Background Checks

How much does Checkr cost?

What do all the Background Check Statuses mean in the Background Check Card on a Profile?

Is Protect My Ministry (PMM) integration going away?

  • No. The PMM integration, as well as other background check preferred service provider, will remain in place.

Will these changes in background checks work with my "other" background check integration?

  • Currently, no. The provider will need to update their integration for it to work with our software and new fields.

Does Checkr give volunteers the option to pay for their background check?

  • No.

Can we migrate data from our current background check process?

  • We are currently having internal discussion on what this would look like. Stay tuned.

New Schedules is tied to the expiration date in child work approved stop date. Will schedules pull from this background expiration date setting instead?

  • That is correct! It may not happen in the initial release, but it is something that will happen in the near future.

Connect@Church App

Does the Connect@Church App replace the Lead@Church App?

  • No. There may be cases where your leaders will use both the Lead@Church App, to manage the stuff they lead, and the Connect@Church App, to manage their personal involvement at the church with things like giving, serving, and pre-check.

When will the Connect@Church App be released?

  • Once the app is in Beta, we will start to communicate release dates. Stay tuned!

Will the app allow scheduled volunteers to see the service schedule that they are assigned too? What else will volunteers be able to do in the app?

  • We currently have serving split into two phases. Features and order could change but your volunteers are planned to be able to:
  • Serving Phase 1:
  • - View their schedule
    - View the plan
    - Accept/Decline Invitations to Serve
    - Preferences and Blockout dates
    - View open positions
  • Serving Phase 2:
  • - Find replacement
    - Swap with someone
    - Message Scheduler
    - Subscribe to calendar
    - View my families assignments
    - Push Notifications
    - Needs

Are barcode scanners required for PreCheck?

  • Although barcode scanners can be used to scan phones for PreCheck, the back facing camera of devices may also be used to scan the PreCheck barcode.
  • 2D compatible scanners will be required to scan barcodes from mobile devices.

Do users need to have a profile set up in our site before they can use the app?

  • No. They will be able to set up a pending profile to allow them limited access (Limited Access User) to the app until they are approved by an admin. Once approved, they will be converted to a basic user (or stay as a LAU if your system is set up with this setting as a default), and they will be able to utilize everything the app provides. 

Will the giving through the Connect@Church App be able to integrate with payment services like PushPay?

  • Giving within the app will only be available using Church Community Builder New Giving Platform. We may explore linking out to external sites like PushPay.

Would we be able to disable the giving feature in the Connect@Church App if we want our people to give through another source, like Subsplash?

  • Yes! You will be able to disable the Giving side of the app.

Would congregants be able to find and contact their friends in the app?

  • Yes! As long as their privacy settings allow for someone to find them and see their info, then a Basic User will be able to find their friends. Note: Limited Access Users cannot search for people in the software. Take some time now to revisit your Privacy Defaults in your browser software to make sure you are creating the best experience for your congregation.

How much customization will we have in the Connect@Church App? IE, adding custom content, colors, etc?

  • We are still exploring the extent of the customization we will allow. At minimum, admins will be able to add custom content, images, videos, and links. We may not allow every single color to be tweaked or specific fonts, but there should be an ample amount of customization.

New Giving Questions

Will New Giving be able to replace 3rd party companies like Pushpay, BluePay, and Secure Give?

  • Yes, New Giving will be able to replace 3rd party giving solutions and will not require you to get a merchant account from a 3rd party. 

Will Pushpay's integrations with Church Community Builder continue to work with New Giving?

  • A church will be able to continue to use Church Community Builder and Pushpay together with great success.
  • Pushpay's current two-way integration will continue to work with the "old" giving platform in Church Community Builder, which will continue to be available several months into 2020. However, once a church enables New Giving in their Church Community Builder site, payments created through Church Community Builder giving interface and forms will be processed by the built in payment processor and will no longer be processed by Pushpay through their two-way integration.
  • Pushpay's one-way integration will also continue to work with the old giving platform and will be updated to work with New Giving as well. The one-way integration will continue to push gifts and payments created in Pushpay interfaces into Church Community Builder and will continue to sync giver profile information. We also expect some improvements to that integration, especially related to Chart of Account syncing and the pushing of batches of cash and check gifts into Church Community Builder. Other enhancements maybe be possible as well.

Will there be a migration for any recurring gifts or will I need to contact donors to set up new gifts in New Giving?

  • Depending on who you are using for your payment processor for online giving, will determine what you will need to do for a migration of recurring gifts:
  • BluePay:
  • If a church is currently using BluePay as the payment processor behind their Church Community Builder online giving, then their recurring gifts will be automatically migrated to New Giving shortly after they enable New Giving. Their repeating gifts will automatically be stopped in BluePay and will begin to process over in New Giving with no interruption and with no action by the givers. The transaction description givers see in their card or bank statements will change, so it may be helpful to alert givers about the transition, reassuring them that their repeating gifts will continue with no interruption but with a different look in their statements.
  • Pushpay
  • For Pushpay, if a church is going to continue to use Pushpay as their primary online giving platform, then the transition to our New Giving will be really quite easy. A church won't need to migrate repeating gifts as they are all currently and will continue to be handled by Pushpay.
  • If a church is considering moving away from Pushpay and moving their online giving fully to our New Giving platform, then there will be a need to migrate repeating gifts from Pushpay to our payment processor. We really, really want to be able to offer churches an automated migration path for this - one in which givers don't have to do anything. However, we do not yet know if it will be possible. We're still working with Pushpay with this process and hope we can offer this option to our shared church partners. 
  • churches do not have an option for recurring gifts. Therefore, no migration is required when moving to New Giving. 
  • Other Third Party Providers
  • If a church is using third party integrated merchant provider, it is up to their provider to create an integration with Church Community Builder's New Giving API. Contact your provider to see if they are planning to make the switch to the New Giving API. 
  • If your church would like to make the switch to Church Community Builder's New Giving payment processor but you have questions, please reach out to support or email

Will ProfitStars Remote Deposit Capture continue to work with New Giving?

  • The integration with ProfitStars RDC will continue to work for the foreseeable future and will be fully compatible with New Giving. At least initially, access to the ProfitStars RDC integration will be through the old giving interface, but all batches of transactions created through the integration will be visible in the New Giving interface.

What's coming with New Giving?

  • *These are the current planned features to launch with New Giving:
    - phone and desktop friendly web-based giving
    - debit/credit card giving
    - ACH/eCheck giving
    - multiple designation gifts (split giving)
    - saved payment methods
    - automatic online payment batching
    - full transaction life-cycle visibility
    - integrated online payment refunding
    - manual cash and check gift entry and batching
    - recurring giving
    - form payments
    - in-app giving in our new Connect@Church App
    - online givers can cover processing fees
    - online givers can include a note/memo
    - choose between daily or weekly deposit frequency

    *After that we plan to release the following features:
    - advanced reporting and analytics
    - text message giving
    - giving campaigns and pledges
    - customizable and embeddable online giving forms
    - check image capture and remote deposit
    - customizable giver engagement
    - advanced giving statement distribution
  • *All features and release plans are subject to change

How can I learn more about New Giving?



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