October 2018 Software Webinar Recording

On Wednesday, October 17, we hosted our quarterly webinar with speaker Jeff Otero, leader of Software Design, and Erin Retka, Product Marketing at Church Community Builder. They talked to us about what's new and coming soon in People and Schedules, and gave us a peek at the future of Check-In and Congregant Apps. Check out the recording and FAQs.

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording



  • (3:15) People: Reimagined
  • (17:00) Schedules: Reimagined
  • (42:30) Check-In
  • (48:00) Congregant App
  • (55:15) Production Babies
  • (55:45) Q & A

Key Resources

Here are some of the links and resources we mentioned during the webinar:

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered a number of questions live during the webinar, but hundreds more were submitted through the Q&A chat area. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the webinar.

General Questions | People Search | Duplicates | Profiles
Schedules | Check-In | Congregant App

General Webinar Questions

When is the next webinar?

  • Our next Quarterly Software Webinar will be sometime in January 2019.

How do I stay up to date on all of the changes in the software?

Is there a way to stay connected with other users, to ask questions and share best practices?

  • Yes! We offer User Groups, based on leadership role, to give you a place to dialogue with other Church Community Builder users about tips, tricks, and questions related to the software. Sign Up Here.

I need some more one-on-one help. Can I schedule a call with your Support Team?

  • Yes! We now offer the option to schedule a call with a member of our team if you need some additional guidance. You can learn all about that service, plus our other Support Options, on this blog post.

I see 'Beta Schedules' and 'People (Beta)' in my site... does that mean I'm a beta tester now?

  • Not necessarily. We have started to release some features that are still under construction out to all of our Stable churches so they can start to experience the future and give us feedback, while still maintaining the familiarity of their old features too. We are calling these 'Beta Features', even if your whole site isn't Beta Testing.

I want to learn more about Beta Testing: Is it right for my church? How stable is it? What is the risk?

  • We've built a Beta Testing FAQ page to give you a better picture of what it means to be a beta tester for our Browser software.

My question didn't get answered during the webinar.

  • We tried to keep our live Q&A relevant to what we were presenting. However, if you asked a question about your church's specific use of the software, we have submitted those to our Support Team and you should be hearing from them soon. You can always submit a ticket to get additional assistance from our team.

I'm using the new Beta People Search page, but I don't see any of my saved searches. What's up with that?

  • This new People Search page is still under construction, which is why we're calling it a "Beta" page. We are planning to bring over all your saved searches to that page, but for the meantime, go back to the Old Search Page to access your saved searches.

Will you be building actions into the new Search page, so I can add these people to groups, process queues, etc.?

  • Yes! We are planning on building all of those actions, as well as all of the additional search criteria, into this new Search Page.

When will the Old Search page go away?

  • Don't worry. We won't be taking away the Old Search page until we've built all existing functionality into the New Search page, including Saved Searches, additional search criteria, and all actions.

What's the difference between the new Global Search bar and the People Search page?

  • The global search bar is visible in the header on every page of the software, so you can do a people search from anywhere! You can read more details about this Global Search in this blog post.

Duplicate Merge

Where can I get more information about this tool?

What permissions do I need to have to see the new Duplicate Detector?

  • Full Write Admin or the Master Administrator.

Why am I am seeing people from the same family showing up as duplicates?

  • We built this Duplicate Detector to not show someone as a potential duplicate if they are in the same family (i.e., they have the same Family ID). We have found that in many cases, our churches have whole families that are duplicated in their databases, which is why it seems like family members are listed as potential duplicates. If that's not the case for you, reach out to our Support Team and we'll help you comb through your data.

If a potential duplicate is not truly a duplicate, how do I mark them so they don't show up anymore?

  • After you've selected the Duplicates card, click on "# potential" below a person's name to see a list of their potential duplicates. If someone in this list is not a duplicate, hover over the right side of their row and click the 'Ignore' button.

When I merge two (or more) profiles together, how does the system know what information to keep and what to override?

  • The system isn't actually smart enough to know what information to keep and what to override, so we let you choose! When you merge profiles, if there is any conflicting information between those profiles (e.g., two different home phone numbers), we will show you both of those options and let you select which data to keep and which data to override.

I am seeing way too many duplicates! How do I narrow down my results?

  • The default mode for this page shows the most potential duplicates in your system. If you want to start with a list that's a bit more manageable, just click on the 'ellipsis' icon in the top right corner of the Duplicates card, choose 'Duplicate Settings', and move the slider to show more or fewer results. Also, our Duplicate Detector tool works with all other search criteria on this page, so you can filter the list further by adding additional search criteria.

People Profiles

Now that the Old Profile view has gone away, where can I get help with the New Profiles?

  • We wrote this blog post to help you understand some of what is different in the New Profiles, answer some profile FAQs, and link out to our People: Reimagined training materials.

How do I mark someone as Inactive or Deceased in the new Profiles?

  • To inactivate someone, edit the profile and go to the "Admin" tab. Change the Profile Status to 'Inactive'. Once you have chosen 'Inactive', a date field will show where you can set a Deceased Date for the person as well. You can inactivate a whole family at once by checking the 'Apply Profile Status to family' checkbox then saving.

How do I set Childwork Approved Status or Admin Privileges for people?

  • We have a new 'Admin Privileges' card on the About tab. There, you can see which privileges are assigned to a person and if they are Child Work Approved. To change this information, click on 'Edit Privileges'. Edit Privileges is also where you will now set a person's Childwork Approved start and end dates.

When someone graduates or moves out on their own, how do I move them out of their parents' family and into their own family?

  • From the Family Card on the About tab, hover over a family member's name to see the ellipsis menu. Here you can change their family position, or you can start a new family with that person by choosing 'Remove From Family'.

Are we still able to check for duplicates when we create new profiles?

  • Yes! As you start adding information about a new profile, we will search the database to see if that matches any existing profiles in the system, to help prevent you from creating a new duplicate profile.


Where do I get more information about Beta Schedules?

When will you build {insert feature here} into Beta Schedules?

  • You can see what's coming next for schedules, and when we're hoping to build your much-anticipated features, on our Schedules: Reimagined Roadmap. This blog estimates timelines for delivering new features, as well as timelines for when we will integrate other existing features into Beta Schedules (like Forms, Process Queues, etc.)

I've been using old Schedules and I'm ready to migrate over to Beta Schedules. How do I get started?

  • This blog, Migrating from Old Schedules to New Schedules, will give you all the information you need to get started in the migration process. Migrating your schedules is a free data service when you follow the instructions in this blog.

When are Beta Schedules going to be built into the Lead App?

  • Good news! Beta Schedules were released into the Lead App on October 18. Update your app to get these new features, or you can download the LEAD app here.

How can I connect with other people using Beta Schedules?

What privileges does someone need to manage schedules?

  • There are several different tiers of privileges we've built into Beta Schedules:
    • The Master Administrator can access and edit all of the schedules in their site, and can create new Categories.
    • Someone with the Schedules admin privilege can access and edit all of the schedules and create new Categories in the campus where they have permissions.
    • A Category Organizer can edit all of the schedules, teams, and positions in the category they organize. (Category Organizers are set at the Schedule Setting level).
    • A Schedule Organizer can edit the schedule, add volunteers, and get notifications for the Schedule Weeks they organize. (Schedule Organizers are set at the Schedule Week Setting level).
    • Our team is also exploring adding a 'Team Organizer' setting.

Does Beta Schedules eliminate the need for using Planning Center (PCO)?

  • Our hope is that you can eliminate the need for data silos and all of your teams can use the Schedules tool in Church Community Builder. We have already heard from several churches who have been able to move away from PCO and use this Beta Schedules tool instead.
    If there is a feature or experience that is preventing you from being able to switch from PCO, we'd love to know about it so we can consider it for future development.

Will Beta Schedules have a CCLI integration?

  • Our team is currently looking into this, but we can't make any commitments yet.

Does Beta Schedules have anything like Services from Planning Center?

  • Yes! We built a new feature called Service Plans, where you can create a rundown of your service, include descriptions, links, and files, and attach it to your schedule week. This Service Plan will then be included on your volunteer's serving details, and they can be printed out too!

Can we open a schedule up to allow volunteers to pick their own spots?

  • Yes! We recently released the 'Volunteer Signups' feature. On the grid, in the Schedule Week settings (gear icon), you'll see an option to Allow Volunteer Signups. When you turn this on, you can decide which teams and positions you want people to sign up for. Then, you can 'Alert Volunteers', to send a message to all eligible volunteers letting them know there are open serving opportunities.

I see an option for 'Requires Background Check' when I create a position. How does that setting work?

  • If you decide to make a position require a background check, the system will look to see if the volunteer is set as Childwork Approved in their profile. If they are not Childwork Approved or their approval has expired, there will be an alert on the grid to inform the schedule organizer. Note: This setting will not prevent the volunteer from being scheduled to serve. It simply informs the organizer of their status.


When will the new Check-In system come out?

  • In order to not disrupt your Check-In experience during the holiday season, these Check-In changes won't be released to the Browser Check-In system until after the new year. However, we will probably be rolling out changes to the Check-In app in the next month.

How do I sign up to be an Alpha Tester for the new Check-In app?

  • Email Jamie at jmorrison@churchcommunitybuilder.com and let him know if you have an Android or iPhone, and he'll get you signed up. Note: this alpha testing will not include the new 'Pre-Check' feature. That won't come out until early next year.

Will I still need an iPad for the Check-In app?

  • This new Check-In app is being built to be compatible on both iOS and Android devices, and we are also optimizing it for smaller screens so you can use a phone or tablet to run Check-In.

Will the Check-In app still be a Deluxe-only feature?

  • Nope! When the new Check-In app comes out, it will be available for the Standard version of the software (limited functionality) and the Deluxe version (full functionality).

What kind of label customizations are coming?

  • We are still working out the specifics, but our hope is to let you customize what info shows on your labels, your label layout, and the ability to add an image or logo. We will also allow you to set label defaults based on Event Type, and you will be able to change label quantities for each person.

When we use the new Pre-Check system, how will label printing work?

  • When the "Pre-Check" feature is released to the Congregant App, people will check in on their phones and get a barcode or QR Code generated on their phone. Then, when they arrive to church, they can scan that barcode to complete their Check-In and print labels.

What kind of hardware will we need to support the Pre-Check label printing?

  • Our team is currently working on developing the printing capabilities and testing the hardware. When we get closer to a release date we will have more specific information about what hardware we recommend.

Congregant App

When will the app come out?

  • We are hoping to release it sometime in the beginning of 2019, but we aren't too far into development yet, so that timeline is a rough estimate.

Will giving be included in the app?

  • Yes! Our plan is to include ways for people to give one-time or repeating gifts, manage their gifts, and run their own giving statements.

What other features will be included in the App?

  • We are planning to build in profiles, Check-In, Schedules, Forms, Groups, Events, Giving, and more. To start getting value in your hands as soon as possible, we will be releasing the app with minimal features, then continue to add in new features as we build them. Let us know what other features would be essential for your congregants in an app like this!

What's the difference between the Congregant App and the Lead App?

  • The Lead App is built specifically with your ministry leaders in mind. We've put the tools in that leaders need to manage their work, see their people, etc. The Congregant App will be for everyone in your church, to access the tools they need to engage with your church. The Congregant App won't have any leadership or management functions, and there are some scenarios where people in your church need both apps, depending on their roles and involvement.

I already have a custom church app. Is there any way to integrate that app into this new one?

  • At this point, we are not planning on building integrations to your custom church apps.

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