What is ChMS?

ChMS stands for Church Management Software or Church Management System. It is technology used by churches of any size to help them communicate with, connect, and engage the members of their congregation.

Church Management Technology Vision

Many people think of their church management software as just a database: a place to store names, email addresses, phone numbers, attendance records, and contribution information. Usually only a few members of the church staff have access to this kind of database.

Church management software should be way more than a database. We believe it should be empowering to the entire church. It should be a lens that allows you to see God’s hand in and through your ministry. This is possible when your thoughts about church management software include a discussion about systems and processes.

Every church and organization has a set of systems and processes they use to do church, through small groups, children’s ministry, student ministry, assimilation, volunteers, etc. The technology you use should align with these processes.


Looking for new technology gives you the opportunity to take a fresh look at your current systems and processes. Are they the right ones? Have you been doing them for a long time? Once you’ve answered those questions, look for technology that supports the systems and processes your leaders use to drive your church.


The more people that touch the technology the greater, and more rich, the data becomes. Your church management system should enable you to see the involvement of people in your church in a variety of ways.

At the end of the day, the point is to make sure you’re moving people down a path to deeper engagement in your church and in their walk with Christ. Think first about the systems and processes you use, and then about technology that aligns well with those processes. Is your technology equipping you to do church as effectively as possible?

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