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How to turn your church facility into a catalyst for community

We all know that the Church is not a building. However, your church facilities can and should be used as a space to cultivate life-changing community. While there has been a lot of discussion about the changing trends in church facilities, the principle that we should do everything we can as church leaders to steward… Read More

Four reasons you don’t have enough volunteers

For many church leaders, attracting volunteers has always seemed to create more aggravation than opportunity. They realize that the thought of a church without volunteers is scary. Yet there often seems to be a lack of purposeful strategy in most churches to bridge the gap between those serving and those being served. As everyone begins… Read More

Guest Post: How to Thrive as an Introverted Church Leader

Does attending large social gatherings leave you feeling exhausted? Have you ever decided to turn down a party invitation to stay home by yourself? Does not talking for several hours at a time sound perfectly normal (and relaxing) to you? Me too! As a fellow introvert, allow me to reassure you that you’re not weird… Read More

Four misleading growth metrics

When it comes to measuring overall growth, every church has its own formula, but the patterns are very similar from church to church. Most church leaders realize that simply tracking overall attendance numbers isn’t the best strategy, so they often use a combination of metrics from different areas of ministry. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that… Read More