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How to turn your ministry ideas into reality

“When the rate of change inside an organization is slower than the rate of change outside an organization, the end is in sight.” –Jack Welch When it comes to innovation and change, the church has always seemed to lag behind the rest of society. American culture changes every five to six years, while church culture… Read More

Four beliefs that directly affect your church’s generosity

No one likes to talk about money. Even fewer people like to ask people for money. But as church leaders, it comes with the territory. A church that doesn’t need financial support is a church that isn’t moving forward in ministry. It’s time to rethink what we, in error, tend to view as ‘sacrifices’ and… Read More

New Preferred Service Provider: BlueFire

BlueFire: The ‘No Limits’ Donation Solution The donation software you choose plays an important role in enabling you to meet the different giving needs of your church members. BlueFire is a complete software package providing all the features and flexibility needed for an effective donation system that meets the diverse needs of the modern church…. Read More

New Preferred Service Provider: Kindrid

Unleash generosity with Kindrid Smart Giving. Kindrid provides churches an approach to giving built out of an understanding of generosity. Formed in partnership with and OneHope, Kindrid’s Smart Giving tool is the simplest way for churches to engage givers. By providing easier and more enjoyable ways to give, the Kindrid team has found that… Read More