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Check-In Label Printing Does Not Work with iOS 8

It was brought to our attention that the newest major update to the Apple mobile operating system, iOS 8, is causing some Check-In label printing problems. Particularly, it is not communicating well with Presto AirPrint enabling software on a host computer. As a result, it is printing a screenshot of the entire screen rather than… Read More

Data’s role in equipping the saints

Equipping the saints is the process of changing a Christ believer into a Christ follower — getting people out of the pew and into action. However, if we truly want to build a ministry where every volunteer is thriving, we need to help each person find their groove in ministry. Once someone says “yes, I’m… Read More

How to equip your church members for evangelism

This time of year I have no doubt you have several upcoming opportunities on your radar to reach your community for Christ through various fall outreach events. It’s imperative to prepare the body of Christ for these evangelistic opportunities. Take a look at a few strategic evangelism ideas our friend Ed Stetzer shared that he… Read More

Lasting Impressions: Building Environments of Next Steps

If first impressions are about connections, then lasting impressions are about relationships. The challenge is that your church can’t force friendships. So how do you help people engage past their first weekend at your church? How do you encourage them to connect — with God, with other people, and with the ministry and mission of… Read More