At Church Community Builder, our journey will always be about trying to provide insight that helps you, as church leaders, be more effective. We are so much more than a software company! God has blessed us with a lot of amazing people who have experience in church leadership and a tremendous heart for the local church (and church leaders like you!). This blog is inviting you into the conversations we have on a daily basis. We want to hear your voice as you lead from the frontlines of Kingdom work!


Executive Pastor Dashboards: Evaluate the Health of Your Ministry at a Glance

We have declared 2015 to be the year of the Executive Pastor at Church Community Builder. As an Executive Pastor (XP), you wear many different hats. Operational manager. Staff leader. Strategic collaborator…. read more

4 simple ways to protect your church from financial mismanagement

Have you ever read a story in the news about a church dealing with fraud or financial allegations and thought to yourself, “That could never happen at my church”? Unfortunately, mismanagement of… read more

One HUGE mistake churches are making online (and how to fix it)

We are still in the early years of using social media in the church. Some churches are still catching up and just starting to adopt social habits even now, in 2015. But… read more

How video can help your church build stronger relationships and deeper community

There’s no denying that digital communication has changed the way churches communicate. Consider video. You may be thinking it’s only useful for televised services or maybe video announcements, but video may hold… read more