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Guest Post: How to Thrive as an Introverted Church Leader

Does attending large social gatherings leave you feeling exhausted? Have you ever decided to turn down a party invitation to stay home by yourself? Does not talking for several hours at a time sound perfectly normal (and relaxing) to you? Me too! As a fellow introvert, allow me to reassure you that you’re not weird… Read More

Four misleading growth metrics

When it comes to measuring overall growth, every church has its own formula, but the patterns are very similar from church to church. Most church leaders realize that simply tracking overall attendance numbers isn’t the best strategy, so they often use a combination of metrics from different areas of ministry. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that… Read More

The secret leadership principle that can cripple your vision for ministry

Good leaders know what it takes to motivate people toward an end result. They know how to cast a lofty vision that inspires. They have a gift for getting things done and know how to set worthy goals that will help move their organization toward achieving that vision. But there’s a leadership principle that even… Read More

July 30, 2014: A Room with a View

As anyone who’s ever spent twenty minutes looking for their car keys can attest, it’s best when it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Take your church administrator who’s at the phone when someone calls to ask about the moms and kids’ lunch. She pulls up the calendar, and it’s a mess. But she… Read More