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February 11, 2015: Scheduling, Simplified

Life is considerably messier than most people’s calendars. Even the most organized serving schedule can fall apart and leave your volunteer leaders calling through half the church directory when Sarah remembers she’ll be driving across three states Sunday morning or John’s kid gets the flu. After all, how could you ask Sarah and John to… Read More

Ten ways volunteers can fuel (or hinder) church growth in 2015

Leadership and volunteers can make or break any ministry endeavor. Getting the right people in the right positions is key to a growing, thriving ministry. Tony Morgan recently sat down with Carey Nieuwhof to discuss how to grow small, mid-sized, and large churches by effectively positioning team members. Here are some key thoughts from that… Read More

Partner Webinar Series – Three More Integrations

This quarter, we’re hosting a whole new set of webinars from some of our partners. On February 18, you’ll learn about valuable metrics that can help you maintain a healthy church, about the power of comprehensive giving tools, and about how video can be a compelling force to reach out and connect with your community…. Read More

One word that will increase your ministry impact in 2015

Can you think of the one word that can drastically increase your ministry impact and improve your life? It may surprise you. It’s this word: NO. Odds are there have been times where you’ve felt stretched thin, over-committed, or like a priority (family, anyone?) was getting the short end of the stick. I recently wrote… Read More