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Software Outage and Latency (Monday, Jan 26)

On Monday, January 26 around 9:00am (MST), our engineers became aware of intermittent connectivity issues with the Church Community Builder application. Around 10:00am MST, we posted to the status twitter account (@ccbtech) that we were investigating the issue. We believe these connectivity issues are the result of large volumes of people accessing the software to… Read More

New Preferred Service Provider: ChurchCast

Creating a Solid Church Foundation Through Communication As a pastor, your greatest honor is being trusted with the spiritual growth of other believers. Your greatest responsibility is to set the overall tone of the ministry while providing a safe environment for believers to thrive. And one of the most vital ways you do this is… Read More

NextGen Generosity

People have always given to churches using the currency of the day. When our culture was agrarian, people gave animals or produce. When currency was introduced, giving became monetary. When the Industrial Revolution came, people gave more regularly as personal incomes became more predictable and scheduled. Today’s shift toward online and mobile giving is simply… Read More

Five new Church Community Builder features you should know

When you’ve got effective technology supporting solid processes and good people, doing church becomes so much easier. If you’ve been familiar with Church Community Builder for any length of time, you know that we are constantly updating our software for the purpose of equipping church leaders for greater ease and success. In fact, the new… Read More