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Church Community Builder Software Unaffected by Heartbleed Bug

After thorough review, our engineers have determined that the Church Community Builder web-based software was not affected by the Heartbleed security bug. Information transferred to, from, or between our servers was not intercepted, decrypted, or otherwise compromised through this OpenSSL vulnerability. All of your Church Community Builder data was, and continues to be, secure. We… Read More

For the Love of the Game

With the bulk of the country thawing from a rough and terrible winter, it’s time for the ‘boys of summer’ to begin limbering up from the long freeze. This time of transition is the foreshadowing of fresh-cut grass, hot dogs, and sunscreen, even though we are still in scarves and boots. Since my boys play… Read More

How to increase your effectiveness with church management software

Here’s the catch-22 when it comes to leveraging technology and implementing tools that can help your church improve it’s ministry: The tools you use are only as good as the commitment level of the people willing to use them. This is the root of a lot of the frustration church leaders experience when it comes… Read More

Messages from Yahoo users may not have been delivered

[UPDATE] 4:48PM MDT Apr 9, 2014: We have released a fix ensuring that any message sent by a Yahoo user has a address in the ‘from’ header, preventing that message from being rejected. ‘Sender’ headers, ‘reply-to’ headers, and non-Yahoo senders remain unaffected. Email delivery should be back to normal for all email service providers…. Read More