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Three keys to effective followup with first-time guests

Fall is the time of year when it’s most natural for many new guests to walk into your church building for the first time. With new programming kicking off, new connections being made in the community during a new school year, and everyone returning from vacations, you’ll want to maximize the opportunity that comes this… Read More

Effective church is about great questions, not great answers!

Each year, I spend a couple of days in San Diego with a group of guys I consider to be friends and mentors. For me, it’s amazing ‘iron sharpens iron’ time and I always come away with new ideas and insights. However, I recently realized why these times are so valuable in my personal growth… Read More

An in-depth look at volunteer training in the twenty-first century

Training volunteers is an integral component of making an impact on our communities and spreading the Gospel. However, that doesn’t mean it is an easy task by any means. Volunteer schedule conflicts and the limited amount of time you have to devote to training and equipping volunteers are just two of the challenges that make… Read More

Small groups that make disciples, not just friendships

In ministry we are all about life change — and most of the time, this happens in the context of relationships. That’s a great thing, but is it possible to get so focused on building relationships that we lose sight of building disciples? A few weeks ago, Trevin Wax wrote a thought-provoking post over on… Read More