At Church Community Builder, our journey will always be about trying to provide insight that helps you, as church leaders, be more effective. We are so much more than a software company! God has blessed us with a lot of amazing people who have experience in church leadership and a tremendous heart for the local church (and church leaders like you!). This blog is inviting you into the conversations we have on a daily basis. We want to hear your voice as you lead from the frontlines of Kingdom work!


Strategy isn’t just for business

Strategy is critical in every part of our lives. If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for new ways to improve things at work, at home, with friends, in your marriage,… read more

Protecting the Vision

As your ministry team develops new programs, hosts events, and more, one big thing that could derail all that progress is risk. We’ve all heard about or read the news stories of… read more

Transformation happens in community (even for church leaders)

As church leaders, we constantly tell people that true life change and transformation happens in the context of relationships and community. This is why we believe in small groups, accountability partners, and… read more

New technology and a good sermon don’t equal sustainable generosity

Unemployment is down. The stock market has been on a tear. Overall charitable giving is on the rise in every sector except for churches. So what is missing? Cultivating generosity within the… read more