Why us?

It might surprise you to hear that what we care most about is not software (although we believe we have a fantastic church management system). We care most about helping churches like yours multiply your ministry efforts not by changing your why or what, but by improving your how. It is a privilege to partner with a church and come alongside its leaders, from executive pastors, small group pastors, volunteer coordinators, and assimilation directors, to facility managers, administrators, and financial overseers, and help them be more effective.

Our software is an amazing tool that, if used in the context of good processes, can truly help you and the other leaders in your church improve your ministry efforts. While everyone here at Church Community Builder cares about making churches more effective with how their leaders do ministry, we have a dedicated team of coaches who can work with your church to guide the people who wear various hats to more effective ways of running their ministries. An ideal time to look at your internal systems and processes is during a migration to a new church management system. We would love to help you with that!

If you would like to discuss whether or not we are a good fit and would be able to help your church staff (both paid and unpaid), we would appreciate that opportunity. We know we are not the best fit for every single church. Fellowship Technologies and Shelby Systems both have web-based church management systems that meet the needs of many churches. In fact, every once in a while, we will steer a church away from Church Community Builder. Yes, we really do this! {smile}

That said, please explore this website, look around the internet to see if we’re just blowing smoke, and when you’re ready to start talking with us, click here to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

– The Church Community Builder Team

Every Church, Every Leader


Every church must fulfill its calling through effective leaders. Every church leader needs good processes to guide their efforts and focus their energy. Every process requires quality tools which increase efficiency and grow as the church does. (As a side note related to process, sometimes things can have a process that gets in the way of the ultimate goal — we like to help you weed those out too!) Church Community Builder’s calling is to understand the processes that support every church leader, and to provide the best possible tool to support those processes. We call this a better how, and we exist to guide church leaders to that place.

Our Team

Our team is made up of people who have lived and worked in the local church. We understand your world and are inspired to make it better. No software can solve your problems and address your needs without effective processes. So, no matter which of our teams you’re working with, you will encounter a genuine desire to understand the processes which support your church’s calling. Only then will we explore ways to leverage our software to empower your leaders.

Our Process

When you partner with Church Community Builder, you gain a relationship with an organization that will walk alongside you to:

  • challenge the status quo
  • think through your current processes
  • help you simplify and streamline those processes
  • discover ways to reframe the conversation
  • help you see the big picture in new and exciting ways

Our Commitment

If we end up being a good fit for each other, we are committed to offering objective advice to aid you in your quest to do church better. We won’t do this by sharing all the things we think are cool and cutting edge about our software. Rather, we accomplish our goal by working hard to help your church leaders discover what is working, what is not, and how technology can be leveraged to make more disciples.

Our Story


How It All Began

In 1999, the world was in the midst of the dot-com boom and people were still trying to figure out whether the Internet was just another passing fad or something that would truly change our lives. That year, in southern California, Chris Fowler and Free Grafton were wondering if internet-based tools could help people in their church connect and feel a greater sense of belonging. There was no grand mission statement, no elaborate business plan, no dreams of an IPO, just two friends who felt led to do something about the frustration people felt in getting connected to the church.

At the time, the only church software options were loaded on a local server in the church and accessed primarily by one or two people that held the keys to the kingdom when it came to accessing vital information about the people in that church. None of the products available at the time featured a web-based interface that would allow people to work remotely. So Chris and Free were led to develop a web-based solution that would empower as many people as possible — distributing the workload and allowing more people to participate in the ministry. Little did they know that by taking a more community-driven approach, they were establishing a whole new paradigm for church management!

Building a Strong Foundation

In the high-tech world, the only constant is change. Companies come and go. Acquisitions and IPOs change organizational directions and personalities. In the midst of market fluctuations and industry shakeups, Church Community Builder has been growing and profitable for years. The two men who were led to begin our story are the same two men who own the company today. We are debt-free and have no expectations to meet other than those of our Creator. We continually save for the future and re-invest our profits to improve our service to the local Church. The direction we take is determined through prayer and the wisdom gleaned from serving nearly 3,000 churches all over the globe.

Why does this matter? Because when you choose to partner with web-hosted technology (yes, we really see it as a partnership), the financial health and strategic direction of the parent company is paramount. You are, in effect, coupling your church to a train which is headed somewhere. It’s a good idea to to be sure that train is going the same direction you are and has enough fuel to make the journey!

Moving Ahead

After our humble beginnings in the late 90s, our team relocated to Colorado Springs in 2002 where there was an abundance of technology talent and a strong network of Christian organizations. This allowed us to extend the capabilities of our offering to meet the ever-changing needs of churches around the globe. At the time, Church Community Builder had about 70 church partners, but we began to grow steadily as churches realized the power and leverage of the web and began to seek more flexible and affordable church management solutions.

Today, we are blessed with over 70 full-time Associates who love the culture of our company as much as they love making a measurable impact on the local church. Our core values are based on being teachable, considerate, results oriented and consistent in character. This makes Church Community Builder a fun place to work and gain new friends who care for each other while they care for church leaders.

To Church Community Builder, success is when our associates love coming to work every day, our churches view us as a vital partner in their ministry, and we see tangible evidence of how we guide church leaders to greater effectiveness. These principles may not be cutting edge or worthy of press releases, but we believe they are God-honoring and consistent with how He has inspired our story from the very beginning. If they appeal to you and your desire to build a well connected, fully engaged church, we would be honored to explore a relationship with your church!

Before you fill out the form, watch this video to learn more about what to expect from this discovery process.